So far I have just under 100 followers and I thought at first that it wasn’t that bad, it was a nice number and I was happy with it but when you look at some other bloggers on here, it’s just astounding as to how many followers they have, some had more than 15,000! people following them, wow! their numbers I can only dream off right now! but then again, they have been blogging for many more years than I have! I commend those bloggers for working so hard and getting where they are, I hope that one day I can say that I have that many followers! That would be great but as of right now, this moment in time…I am just a very small fish in a vast ocean of blogging.

I rather do enjoy this blogging malarkey, don’t you? writing something new everything single day from what you did in a major city, a story or even what you had to eat, a vast selection for anyone to read, pretty much something for everyone I say. It can be difficult to get noticed by more people when your new and starting out but I feel like I’m slowly working my way up the ladder, one step at a time and one day, my head will emerge through the clouds and I will arrive in blogging paradise, as in have a lot of followers and such.

Let’s all get writing some good blogs today

Happy Writing

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