I am a very happy fella this week, I have been about and discovered many things I had no idea were in my backyard (not literally) but nearby, some things I thought long gone or only available in America, quite amazing to be honest.

11148432_10153355081661019_4523109096011085677_n (1)
They sell Chicken Fries in Britain Now!! Awesome!

Chicken Fries! I’ve seen reviews on them by Americans but never thought they’d come over here, they looked great and tasted it as well but on a bad note….Burger King has started doing tax over here?! that’s new, not sure what to make of that but I was too distracted at the time about the Chicken Fries, I get too excited over food sometimes.


Another food one, I know but I love these so much, I thought they stopped making them years ago but one day I go shopping and their they are! I thought I was having a dream for a moment but they were real! happy boy indeed, thank you Nestle! thank you so much!

Doritos Roulette Challenge was to hot for my fiance to handle!

Ok, a third one about a food product, what is this a review? anyway, me and my fiance decided to try and eat this bag of Doritos while we played a Mario Party game on the Wii, if you lost a game, you had to eat one without looking and to say the least, Emma got way more Ultra Spicy ones than I did, I think in the end she had like 8 and I had 3…she couldn’t speak much the next morning…I was in trouble but it was worth it1

A classic and I thought it’d be good to see how me and Emma would do on this game, so far it’s been a shambles!

I was happy to find this game, I’ve played it with friends and by myself before but I thought it’d be funny if I played it with my fiance as well and wow….she wasn’t terrible but we have a long way to go if we have a chance of completing the game…a long long way, bless her for trying though!

Awesome week, 98 followers so far, only 2 away from 100…may not seem much but I will work my hardest to make it grow and grow!

Until next time

Have fun everyone

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