Well that was something that we clearly all saw coming! Sepp Blatter has been reelected as head of FIFA for his 5th term! what does it take to get rid of this idiot! it’s an absolute disgrace today, a monster is destroying the beautiful sport of football, and like a hydra, when you think he’s gone…another head reappears and your back to square bloody one! what a joke!

This man has gotten away with so much and is still in charge!  The 2018 and 2022 world cups are still going to be in Russia and Qatar, despite the recent arrests of FIFA officials. This man could probably appear in front of the world and act clueless about all that’s been going on?! Oh wait, he already did! We all know Blatter has the Asian and African football associations in his back pocket so despite Europe’s protests, the rest of the world just doesn’t see what a monster this idiot is!  I mean how can you have someone so corrupt in charge of a major sport like Football! The World Cup is meant to be an event that brings all fans together and support their countries! It’s not meant to be all about the money but with this, it clearly is and it’s disgusting, I mean its not like Blatter isn’t wealthy or anything already!

UEFA threatening to jump ship and leave which needs to be done, someone needs to show that we won’t just stand for a money grabbing moron who thinks he can what he wants to get away with it! many are dying in horrible conditions as Qatar prepare for their World Cup and rumors galore of how both Russia and Qatar even got the World Cups COUGH Bribes!

It’s a sad day for the beautiful sport, hopefully one day, it’ll become beautiful today because as of right now, it’s turned ugly.

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