On a Sunday morning, after a nice lie in, which I really needed to finish off my week, my fiance randomly announces that she wanted to venture out for breakfast! which was random but to be honest, it wasn’t a request…more of a demand so I had little choice, so we go ready and at about 11am, headed out into town

Off into town, although it looked like rain would be on the way soon

IMG_0718We decided to go to Wetherspoons and grab something as they do a Breakfast Club so it wouldn’t cost the Earth. We IMG_0721ordered and I decided to try the American Style pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup which sounded great and Emma had a traditional English Breakfast. Waiting time was about 20 minutes, only one person was a cashier so it took a while and it was busy

When they arrived, I was a little surprised, I mean have a look at those pancakes, they arIMG_0723e small! I thought they were meant to be American style pancakes…I’ve been to I-Hop before, I know what American pancakes look like!

IMG_0724The bacon was floppy and the taste went against the pancakes, I’ve had way better bacon before, even from McDonalds! The pancakes,which were nice and fluffy were a saver but thank goodness for that thick maple syrup or we would have had a problem! as for Emma’s meal, she told me it was luke warm, the egg was cold and she didn’t like the bacon either so in a way, we were both quite annoyed at this! thank goodness it wasn’t an expensive meal but we may have second thoughts about coming back on a Sunday morning again.

IMG_0727After that we decided to be more spontaneous and go bowling! we haven’t done it for a while and thought we’d have a few games! we went for 2 games and were on lane 3, right next to a big party that had 12 children in it! it was a mess, we would have to politely ask them to not walk in front of our lane…which they did multiple times! but we ignored that and played bowling.

Love the colours

We paid and got on our shoes on which always creep me out a bit, I mean, how many other people have worn them before? Then, we put our names on the board which is always fun if you want a nickname but we didn’t do that today…didn’t want to be silly I guess. Being nice and all, I let Emma go first, wasn’t that nice of me? we have an issue that we both don’t like to lose! so it should be fun to see if we can both cope and not get annoyed if the other one wins.

        Wonder what she’s thinking about?

IMG_0734It was fun, we both did well although Emma almost fell over twice during the games, silly thing! but she was having fun, bless her…no wonder what happens, a good game of bowling can cheer you up!

IMG_0736….she got 4 strikes in the first game! I couldn’t believe it yet…I was still able to beat her! how did that happen? no idea how I was able to but I had beat her before I took my last turn, if you look at the picture! Strikes aren’t everything!

Final score

Matt 128

Emma 108

IMG_0740The second game was a little bit closer but I…felt bad about Emma losing the first game, so like a gentleman….I let her win…I DIN’T LOSE FAIRLY! don’t be silly, I threw the game…no way Emma could beat me by herself hahahahaha! Don’t be silly! all jokes aside

Matt- 115

Emma 119 

Final score- 1 game won each

Sadly we couldn’t play another round as it was busy so both satisfied, we went back home, after a fun and spontaneous day out! We should do this more often I said as we left, she smiled and nodded…bless her!

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