Hello and welcome to some random thoughts that I am thinking about, a little piece where I just talk about things I’ve heard about in the news, internet etc mainly because with actual news, you get some really silly stuff plastered all over the place, it’s almost as if we enjoy people’s humiliations or mistakes and judge them on them, even though we’ve likely never met this person nor know anything about them….very judgmental as a species aren’t we.

Why is it that so may people feel the need to let you know whether they’ve had breakfast or not….I always find statuses saying, ‘Not having milk on my cereal today, because I’m hard’ or along those lines, yeah because I care so much when I’m getting ready for my day that your going so extreme with your breakfast! I hope it’s dry!

‘People don’t understand me or my mind, their too weird to hang out with me, my mind is the one one that I get…that’s why I stopped making friends with people’  

Ummm….well I’m sorry to tell you this but I’m not a mind reader, little difficult to hear that little voice in your head, maybe if I didn’t hear you talking to yourself, I’d try to get to know you more but of course, I’m the one with the problem, right? me and my not so loud imagination, what’s it telling you now?

‘Is it rude of me to update during intercourse?’ 

Yes….yes it is!

Alcohol does not solve problems…but neither does Milk

They have a point there…I mean, heaven forbid a drink of Milk won’t help you grow stronger bones or anything like that…I’d rather just go for a gin and tonic instead, works just as well. I’d rather have a drink of milk and dissolve whatever problem I had, than a alcoholic drink and stumble about, thinking I’m superman…

4 People injured in Rollercoaster accident at Alton Towers

The ride, The Smiler…the one where they leave you with a big grin afterwards has had a crash, resulting in 4 people having to go to hospital, all with big grins on their faces as they left. Seriously though, I hope their all alright…always a scary thought that a roller coaster could fail or crash when you are on it….kind of like Roller coaster Tycoon in real life!

Tank Squashes Learner Driver Car

Imagine that your learning to drive and you fancy going for a short drive, only that you turn down the wrong road and come face to face with a monster…a Tank! Police reported that an 18-year-old female learner from Detmold apparently didn’t spot a convoy of tanks when she turned left onto the Panzeringstrasse – which literally translated means ‘tank ring road’.

The tank driver couldn’t stop in time and smashed into the front of the car, no one was hurt…except for the car…bet that will cost a fortune to get fixed…shouldn’t have skipped the ‘How to avoid tanks when driving class!’ 

Car Driver and Bikers Clash

Wow…what a bunch of angry individuals, not sure what side you’d be on…all I know is I’d be struggling to breath from all of the laughing I’d be doing at this….the driver does have a small point though…their was a cycle lane there….use it…no wonder some people hate cyclists…still funny as hell.

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