June, I love this month of the year, it’s a good month in my opinion

  • Halfway through the year
  • My Birthday
  • It just sounds nice

I turn 25 on the 25th of June and apparently from what many people have told me….time speeds up after this age and before I’ll know it, I’ll be 50 yrs old…I hope time doesn’t go by that quickly! I’d hate the first grey hairs, wrinkles and aching bones to appear that quickly! Lord knows where I’ll be at the age of 50, will I have children? be married? will I live where I am? What will I have accomplished by then? Scary thoughts because when your 0 you don’t think about any of this, how can you? And who’s to say I’d even make it to 50, I can’t predict the future…I plan to make it much beyond that age, who knows…maybe I’ll write a blog 25 yrs from now, just to remind you that I made it.

When your 25, it’s like being 0 again, except your brain is so much more wiser and your more experienced as a person, you ask questions about what you want to get done in the next quarter of your life, that is of course if you plan to make it to 100! it’s like period of your life is over and a brand new door is about to open, the room is bright and you can barely see a thing but it’s the next chapter of your life and when you’ve crossed to the other side of it…your going to look so much different! scary yet exciting, don’t you think, I mean 25 doesn’t sound like an old age yet it’s an important one at the same time because if you go by the lifespan of 100 yrs, that’s a quarter of your life done!

Before I reach 50, I’d love to achieve all of these goals

  • Be a Father, A good one
  • To have seen Japan, Australia and Canada
  • Skydived (even though I hate heights)
  • Still be Happy
  • Still have hair!

Is this the part of the journey where you get a little scared, education out of the way and you are responsible for everything in your life now, and soon enough your likely to be teaching the life lessons that you were taught by your family, hoping that you can do just as good as a job, if not a better one.

Wish I was 18 again

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