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Anyone on here do the Cinnamon Challenge? No Make Up Selfie? the Ice Bucket Challenge? I sure did the last one, I’ll show you as proof

Now then, when I did this last year, on that windy summer’s day, I donated when I did this, I wasn’t just going to pour freezing cold ice over my head and not do anything afterwards…what would the point of that be?…although I could have done it without pouring a bucket of ice over my head and just give to the charity, so why has a new craze come about in recent years that requires someone to do something crazy in the name of charity? Isn’t just giving enough anymore for us?

The latest craze apparently is for someone to balance a can of coke on their chest…how that’s meant to help people I asked myself at first glance! I have no idea… but I did some research and discovered that people are doing it for Breast Cancer, a very serious matter! personally I’ll just give something instead of doing that, even though it’s meant for Women to take part it and to be honest, I extremely doubt I can hold a can of coke with my flat chest…kind of feels…silly…call me old fashioned but I just can’t wrap my head around doing it or why anyone would when you can just donate to breast cancer, faster quicker and no one sees your boobs but then again…I managed to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, as crazy as it was! but still, all of it just feels weird but it is perhaps where we are going nowadays? Lord help us when someone comes up with a challenge for Prostate Cancer! I joke as that’s very serious as well but seriously, don’t create a challenge for that one, people will get into trouble!

Is it bad to criticize these new challenges? I mean, many people will be doing them for a good cause, donating and showing that they care, although the coke can one wasn’t even meant to be something for charity, the co creators just did it for a laugh but it took of and became something else – Read here  http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/holdacokewithyourboobschallenge-selfie-campaign-started-by-adult-modelling-agency-criticised-for-making-breast-cancer-sexy-10293354.html

“We never thought it would take off like it did. But it did. And then people started posting it was for charity and it was for breast cancer awareness. We had never plan on that nor thought of it”. Gemma Jaxx

It’s been criticized for making Breast Cancer sound ”Sexy” and maybe some people are doing it for the wrong reasons…attention seeking or what not, I don’t know, I’m not prepared to ask all the women who have done it, why did you do that? That’s their business! We all have opinions and we speak them, like this comment bellow.

             A comment regarding this

Is it a phase that will pass by and be forgotten about or will we create more challenges that get more wilder and dangerous…will we forget what it’s all about…giving money to a charity that’s trying to make life’s better for those that are more unfortunate then many of us because I don’t think they’ll care so much about the challenges, more the money…clean water, a bed and food…not how many people can swallow a spoon of cinnamon or pour freezing cold water over their heads, that won’t matter to them, not one bit but it matters to us for some reason, we feel obligated to do them and get offended if anyone questions it! or we get offended that some people do it and seem like their taking the mick or something, I don’t know but you can’t please everyone, can you…no matter what you do, someone will be rubbed up the wrong way so maybe it’s just best to let be what is because no matter how much you support or disagree with it, it’ll keep going.

What do you think, is it a good idea to do a challenge for a good cause or is it a disgrace, something that you can’t agree with? 


  1. I think people are going to criticize EVERYTHING!! If it helps a raise money & awareness for a cause, I’m okay with it.

    I also did the ice bucket challenge & donated.

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