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Dirt On Blatter

Ok, who found something so dirty that it caused Sepp Blatter to resign just 4 days after winning his 5th term as head of FIFA? talk about find of the century! Just when you think football was going to get worse for another 5 years, it’s all been turned on it’s head! Whatever was laying deep inside Blatter’s closet, it’s been found and it’s so horrifying and evil that it caused the man to resign!

Soon enough, the World Cups for 2018 and 2022 will be up in the air and the favorites to get them apparently are America and England…the countries that have led the campaign against Blatter in the first place….what a coincidence, don’t you think? I’m British by the way and of course it would be great to have the World Cup in England but…since England came last in the vote…I’m kind of hoping that this isn’t just sour grapes!

The next few months should be very interesting as more information is likely to unveil itself of how this happened and what the future of the World Cup will be.

Also like Sepp blatter who has tried his best to pretend that nothing is worng and to sweep all the arrests of FIFA officials under the rug, Qatar came out today to say that despite rumors and reports of 1,200 dying amidst the construction for the 2022 World Cup, they have said that not a single person has died! It’d be funny if it wasn’t so horrifying and tragic!

Fallout 4?

The latest trailer for the upcoming game in the Fallout Series was released today and I guarantee that many will be pre ordering, funny that…I mean many people pre order the minute they see a game trailer then once they get the game….9/10 people will complain yet once the next game trailer comes out, the process is repeated…micro transactions have parts of the game chopped out and you have to pay extra for them, that’s marketing for you!

Here are a couple of videos that pretty much sum up what Micro Transactions and unfinished games are!

I love Fallout, great series, I just hope that it isn’t going to be like most games nowadays and have half of the game sliced out, only for me to pay an extra 50 quid in order to play the parts of the game that should already be in the game!

Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls Online, Watch Dogs….all looked great in the trailers but once they came out, problems were discovered and people complained that it wasn’t what they were promised! I’d hate for Fallout to suffer the same fate!

Japanese Tourism Ambassador is….


Godzilla? Apparently the famous Japanese monster has not only become a Japanese Citizen but it has also become a Tourism Ambassador for the country, well if that’s the case than I shall wait for the announcement that Mr Bean is the British Tourist Ambassador then! I always thought Godzilla was something to fear, not encourage people to come and visit your country! Going to be awkward once he get’s the urge to demolish downtown Tokyo!


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