My favorite game of all time is Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, that game was a majestic piece of work that Skyrim just couldn’t match up to, I think Fallout 3 came a lot closer but…I just prefer Oblivion to it! best game ever, by miles! I don’t know why I started off a blog like that….oh well!

I have realized by now that we live in a pretty strange world, wherever you are on it, I guarantee that something strange is happening, something that would just freak you out and leave you scratching your heads. Here are just a few weird things I have come across, just today!

Flush on Floor 5!

Back away slowly!

I read today that Japan is considering toilets…for lifts…ok, how would that even work? where in the lift can you fit a toilet? let alone have any privacy…would you do a poo in a crowded lift? Unless your weird like that, then no! that’s just weird man, Flush for the third floor please! I think I’ll take the stairs next time, thank you!  Not the first time Japan has been on my list this week weirdly, I sure hope that Godzilla isn’t desperate for the loo and the nearest one is a lift loo!

Proud Land Owner

AThe_Sun_in_extreme_ultraviolet woman has been told that she cannot sell land on eBay and when you think about it, they have a point I mean, what would you do with land from the SUN! Charge people to sunbathe in it? and to believe it or not…she’s taking eBay to court! is she for real? However, Spanish Courts in 2010 apparently backed her claims…because although a country or nation can’t claim ownership over a star or galaxy..that doesn’t apparently stop an individual from doing it. THAT’S IT, I BAGSY MARS! Seriously though, good luck fielding the damage claims that will come to you for everyone that gets cancer from the sun! Shouldn’t the owner be liable for the damage that the property causes? Just my opinion but I don’t think she has thought this through at all!

You know what, I think that’s all I need for today, their both stupid enough to make you winder about the Human Race for one day.

Until Next Time

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