A crowd is gathered, all here for the same thing…it’s been talked about all week long, some have brought children where other decided to not do so. Impatient, the people cry for their entertainment to start. The clock strikes 9 and as soon as the last bell tolls, it begins.

The door to the yard opens, silence falls upon all as they look. Three men then slowly enter the arena, wearing nothing but white gowns and chains , no emotion in their faces or eyes, it’s as if all hope left them a long time ago. As they make their way towards the stage, boos erupt as many of the crowd throw insults at the men, who lash out in an attempt to escape, yet are held back as they are attacked by some members of the crowd. Guards beat the men, to cheers, down to the ground and re captured them. Ensuring that the men would not try to escape again, the guards, with no remorse smash clubs onto their legs, shattering them so Forced up the steps with broken legs, the men became visible to all as they look out to the many people who came out to see them, many came from all around, to see them, to watch them die.

Bags are placed on their heads, sending them into a world of darkness, they whimper in fear, their last sights of the world were being called worse than the devil. Hands tied behind backs and not before long, long, thick rope grabs their necks and wraps itself around them, making it hard to breathe! The men are forced to climb ladders, to the jeers of the crowd who want blood, they want justice and don’t want to wait any longer for it.

A man wearing nothing but black stands on the stage and stands by a lever, waiting for his moment, his face hidden from the world…the men would never know who sent them out of the world. One men had that responsibility, to end someone’s life, how could that be a job?  the three men spend time thinking of their actions that led them to this place but not one regretted their actions, they were proud of what they did. Moments passed and the men waited for it to happen, the sudden drop that would take them away from this place, it was agony to wait, the fear of it all made one brake as he would succumb to scream in fear, as he wept for mercy but he would get none. Just then, he felt a sudden drop and a great sharp pain and he quickly discovered that it was next to impossible to breath!

Gasping for air, the dangling bodies kick and struggle for freedom but it is not to come for them. They begged for death to come, to stop the torture and make it quick but it would not come, the desperation to draw breath was one that they wanted, what they needed more than anything they had ever wished for in their lives. As they prepared to succumb and accept, they suddenly felt another fall, only this time they connected with the ground bellow.

Necks broken and hands still tied behind their backs, they could not move on their own, and as they wondered what was to be, they heard footsteps come before them, had they had an reprieve?  before anything could be done or said, darkness fell once more as steel sliced through their bags and made their blood splatter and flow in their torn bags, they feel panicked, scared, alone…unable to move, breath,unable to do anything.

Throats slit, blood dripping from the gasping wounds as the victims take their last breathes! all struggle on the floor bellow as the crowd cheers the carnage on! moments later, they all lay motionless in pools of blood, their pain is over and their time in this world is done.

The crowd cheered and celebrated this carnage as the bodies were taken away, to be tossed in a pit in the ground, lost forever. However, not all were happy, not all felt that their deaths were justified in any way or form.

‘What did these men do to deserve something like this?” a Man asked his wife ‘Did they murder , commit robbery, rape or something?’

‘They defended a woman honor darling’ she told him, ‘They saved a woman from an assault, and death this is their reward’ she wept.

All of a sudden, the man felt guilty for cheering.

No idea why I wrote this to be honest, just went with the first thing that came to mind

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