Sunday, the day of rest…I just love it! it’s lovely to have a sleep in and wake up at a decent time for a change! We went into town today and saw a little show on, the town center was shut off so no traffic could get in which made crossing the road a lot easier today. An old antique car show was on and the place was packed with many people wanting to see them.

This was a long one, almost didn’t get it in the shot!
It just looked cool
Pop the lid up!
Nice but your blocking the road!

Me and Emma were going to go swimming but decided to stop off here first and have a good luck around  first and from what we could see, their was a lot to see! so many cars on display but no Bugatti Veyron! one can dream, right? I’d love to see one in person! one day

The entire center was packed with cars and crowds of people, all armed with cameras for the pictures! awkward moments of apologizing for getting in the way of people’s shots to ensue!

Many would not move, stand in front of cars when people wanted to take pictures and chat for half an hour…very rude! but what can you do? rise above it! some cars were from way before my time on this blue orb, some from other countries, like a monster truck…such big wheels but I had always thought they were bigger still! 11393270_10153509953891019_5917263426513908134_n

Relative to Optimus Prime?

Took us a while to get towards the top, kept stopping to take more shots of cars every couple of seconds, worth it though! it was a lovely, sunny afternoon so what was the rush, swimming? That can wait!  I was looking at cars! really nice cars, wouldn’t drive most of them but I’d love to stare at them all day!

It Talked!

Even saw Nightrider their but no Batmobile! What a rip! oh well, would have just been surrounded by people and a shot would have been impossible anyway! so never mind that! never watched Nightrider but love the car, I’ve seen a few episodes but not all episodes


Quite Pink, don’t you think? like a car from Wacky Races!

10603702_10153509953376019_7465422713527591760_n 10426070_10153509953811019_7801291698957630918_n 11108251_10153509953161019_2554313988228445566_n 10858460_10153509953236019_5969457502198862957_n

Looks Nice

Soon enough, we were at the top of the road and had seen all of the cars that they had to show….the last car was a nice Aston Martin! looked really nice actually, I’d love to have one! quite classy!

Next, we went to the Swimming Pool and spent a fun afternoon swimming, playing catch with a ball, making some quite great dives in the water…mine were better! their was a sauna as well but that cost extra, maybe another time!  as we left, we noticed the yearly gala arriving at the park and slowly starting to set up! will be going to that next weekend!

See you all next time!

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