Why do weekends go by so fast? is it because I have fun that they just seem to fly by? Well maybe I’ll do absolutely nothing all weekend and then it might go really slow so Monday won’t come about again for ages! I’d prefer my Sundays to last a bit longer so Monday morning didn’t come about straight away and then I have to go through the entire week again but it’s a lot slower and feels like it goes on forever, so maybe the week should be shorter and the weekend be longer? I wish!

Anyone else notice how the weekends just fly by but the weekdays drag on a bit too long that it’s taking the mick really! Not a complaint but It’s just funny how Saturday and Sunday come and go but Monday to Friday makes camp and stays put! Invite Saturday and Sunday to the party weekdays!

Maybe it is all down to having more fun during the weekends and the majority having school or jobs to go to during the weekdays that make them feel long and endless, who knows it’s just a weird feeling that can be felt as Monday comes around the corner, yet many celebrate when Friday comes to a close!

Either Time is a selective machine with a cruel sense of humor or we all should just enjoy weekdays a little bit more. Or maybe not because if everyday went by like clockwork then time would just fly by and before you know it, so do months and then years but tell that to the office worker who has the mountain of forms to get through before the end of the day that he should enjoy it, he’ll need all the time he can get.

Seriously though, time just doesn’t fly by like that, it goes at the same speed that it always has done but it’s when you do something and get focused on it that time can appear to have sped up for you, so either enjoy everything you do and have time fly by or hate everything you do and time will dramatically slow down….

That’s just mean, whatever way you look at it.

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