Planning a Wedding is one tough job indeed or so I have discovered recently. So much to get done and be able to afford it all, I can see why you need to book a weeding venue so far in advance, unless your wealthy, it gives you the chance to raise the money up.

  • Book Church
  • Book Venue for After Party
  • Get Suit
  • Not get to see her dress until the big day
  • Buy Wedding Rings
  • Invite People
  • Book Honeymoon
  • Have a Stag Do
  • Pay for it all (You’d like to forget this one)

And once you have done all that, you cannot see your other on the actual wedding day until it’s time to actual get married and if your the groom, you need to be their first! Really hope you set that alarm for the right time and don’t sleep in, your fiance won’t thank you for ruining her special day (Not that it isn’t special for you as well) 

I have noticed that it’s a lot easier to say to all things your bride might want for the big day, even though mine has always wanted my opinion on things and asked what I would like as well which has been nice as the days tick away and the big day gets closer for us….still a year to go at least but before I know it, it will be 6 months then 2 months then 2 weeks….then things will feel so serious…more than I will ever realise until the moment arrives that I will finally marry the love of my life.

Many secrets have been kept from me, like what kind of wedding dress Emma will be wearing on the day, she’s told her family, friends, people on my University course that she had only just met! (I had to put my fingers in my ears and look away as she told one person at the Graduation Party!) Everyone but me can know! I pray I actually like it, after all of this waiting…what if I don’t?? I’m joking, I’ll love whatever she has on because it’s not the dress I care about, it’s the girl that I’m marrying, as long as she’s there…then she could be in trackies for all I care!

But you need everything to go to plan or she will breathe fire, it’ll be like Godzilla in a dress and it will all be your fault! Little over the top but you notice them suddenly going for so much more than you thought you’d have at your wedding, over the top decorations, a cake as tall as you! To get married, you must climb so many mountains first before you climb the biggest mountain of your life, called Marriage….you’ll spend your entire marriage climbing this one….guess it depends on how big this mountain is as to how long that will be!

Who’s getting ready for their big wedding day and what kind of preparations are you having? 

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