Life…what a thing it is…I just watched a documentary where a pack of lions dominate and destroy other lions and territory, carnage never seen like this before and to see how lions live….compare it to us, Humans and how different we live and how we are the same, yet we share this  blue orb. 

The pack of Lions enter other territory and either kill or chase out dominating males before killing all Cubs  and mating with the Lioness. 

Humans once held many different territories and took over others, either killed or enslaved the dominating males and took over. Perhaps a difference being that you won’t see a pack of humans eating a dead carcass out in the street! No, we have other people cook it for us and decorate it to look nice but could you imagine a Lion going to McDonalds? 

Lions are some of the most notorious killers in the Animal Kingdom but you quickly learn why Man is the most dominat of them all, why its us that live in the cities, in buildings and wipe out species after species! 

Look, it’s Monday! Need to try something to entertain myself and if that includes a pack of lions biting a Giraffe on the arse than so be it! One time, cavemen were the ones chasing bigger animals in packs for food and survival! 

Mr T is an awesome name for a lion btw!

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