IMG_0804This weekend, the Gala came to town and it’s my first one since moving to the town so I was excited about it all. Emma was to be in the Gala parade so she asked me to watch and record her so I said yes so I went to find a good spot on the High Street and wait for the parade to come along.

Bus stuck in traffic…traffic of people

IMG_0861I got there in good time and managed to avoid not having a space to stand in, although the local buses were caught out by all the people crowding the road out, they had to wait until the parade had passed through until they could continue on…surely they knew about the Gala…happens every year on the same day, oh well…at least the drivers got a long break!

A long queue of floats shortly passed through, many throwing out sweets, fliers and other little gifts but I was way too busy recording it all, well I had one sweet that landed near me…it was Whitaker’s! it was a good parade that started off with Gala Queens, followed by local schools with a Medieval Theme to them all which was good, considering that it’s the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta! quite important and all so I was glad the town was celebrating that little detail of this countries history!

IMG_0841 A nice collection of old vehicles passed through as well which was pretty cool, even had a steam-powered tractor! ok so a lot of people don’t look into that kind of stuff but I enjoyed it! Might as well make the most out of a celebration, right? don’t be a misery guts and look back at the type of vehicles from yesterday, shows how far we’ve come. I recorded it all and it’s in the video at the bottom of this blog! so enjoy that! especially if you’ve never seen a Gala Parade before…it involves a woman pulling a squirrel away! no idea why that happened but it was funny.



Found it funny how many times people tried to cross the road as the parade came through, like playing chicken or something, wasn’t fantastic because one accident and that’s the end of the day! thankfully, nothing like that happened and the parade passed through successfully before everyone left the area and went to the park to the fairground! except me who went to get his hair cut, got the numbers wrong and had the majority of it shaven off! I was so humiliated I went home and buried myself under a pillow for an hour and it took Emma to come back home and persuade me to go to the Gala, I wasn’t sure at first because most of my hair was gone..I can’t remember a time it was so short, I mean I’m almost bald and it’ll take a while for it all to grow back to the way it was, I may be overreacting but I’m just annoyed at the mistake I made by asking for a 2 and a 4 at the barbers!

Matt Hair 1
Got my numbers wrong….

Wishing I suddenly owned a hat, we both went to the fair and I noticed how cold it was on my head…I miss my curls already! they had better be back before I go to France or I…will do absolutely nothing about it. I’ll just buy a French Hat and be done with it!

Blasted Chips

Emma wanted food right away, so she got a cone of chips, tradition or something which was nice and all but I made a fatal mistake of having some, which were crispy and nice and then going on some rides which would prove to be fatal some time later but…anyway moving on, we went on this last but before that we went on the Twister which was bad because their were three of us in the car and every time it spun, the other two would slam into me and my legs got very sore indeed, not fun when you’re the tallest one in the car! after that we went on the Bumper Cars which I had to drive because Emma didn’t want to! we went on hook a duck and I won a Mario, Toad and Yoshi Plushies which was awesome, they can go alongside Luigi and Bowser….Emma has Disney, I have Nintendo!

Entertainment wise, since it was Medieval themed, they had knights, Horses and jousting to watch which was good as they were all talented and skilled which put on a great show that everyone enjoyed watching, the last time I saw Knights on Horses was in Camelot and that was years ago so it was fun to see the show. Tombola stalls all about, I happened to win an Ornament piece but then again I tend to always win those kind of prizes…I’ll have a collection in about six years time, guaranteed.

The Fateful Mistake

When we got the Waltzer, I was already feeling queasy after going on a couple of other rides that were all spin rides and I don’t have a good history on them, now it’s easy to say that I got what I deserved if I knew what I’m like on them but I couldn’t say no to the challenge…pride is bad sometimes! but the girls convinced me to go on anyway. It was fine at first but it got much faster and spinner and before I knew it, I was gone….thank goodness I didn’t throw up on either of them and was able to leave the ride without anyone saying anything! no idea how…maybe the people at the fair are just used to it or something but I could laugh about it afterwards as Emma helped me get home and relax but alas, it had been a wonderful Gala, one that was fun and memorable for me, well maybe not the throwing up bit but the rest was really good, can’t wait for next years Gala.

Notice how my hairs not in the picture

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