Why Sheamus? what possesed anyone in WWE to give Sheamus the Money In The Bank Contract? When most other wrestlers in the match had a better reason to win it?

  • Randy Orton- Feud with Seth Rollins
  • Kane- Feud with Seth Rollins, road to putting mask back on
  • Roman Reigns- Feud with Seth Rollins, set up for Shield triple threat
  • Dolph Ziggler- Has had good matches with Seth Rollins and would stick it to the Authority

Heck, I’d have even preferred Kofi to win the contract and I can’t stand New Day, too annoying and their entrance music is stale and boring, Xavier Woods puts me to sleep as does Big E….I used to like Big E before the whole preacher thing, and they’ve ruined Kofi! the group is a good heel team but the music is flat, the idea is just dull and typical…what they had in the first place before they did the whole preach thing was better…Tag division still needs work…tad dull nowadays, especially now that Tyson Kidd is out for up to a year!

95d43-imag04211Sheamus is a heel, Seth Rollins is a heel…so is either Sheamus failing to cash in or Seth losing the belt in the near future? Well Brock Lesnar is coming back so perhaps…and if it leads to Lesnar vs Sheamus then fine! but if it doesn’t then you’ve wasted the MITB this year WWE! you idiots! the one time you could have had Roman Reigns win and many people wouldn’t have minded because Reigns is much better than Sheamus…miles better. Sheamus is boring, stale and no matter how many times you repackage him…he will never be the guy you want him to be!

I honestly don’t care about the Divas, I haven’t ever since they started calling women wrestlers Divas and gave them that stupid, immature butterfly belt! do you know why people call Divas matches, toilet breaks? The Bellas are the worst to grace the WWE ring, delusional bimbos that think they are all that…well when you sleep your way to the top…Brie Mode is the dumbest thing ever….no I don’t need to hear what Brie Bella yells in the bedroom! and Twin Magic??? they don’t look the same that much anymore! would someone on the creative team use common sense! Just once! The Divas Division is pretty much a zombie because that thing isn’t alive….the matches are unbearable to watch, no diva is that interesting apart from Paige and Natalya! suddenly it became more important to look good than actually wrestle…

You know what the worst thing you did recently was WWE, PUTTING THE TWO WORLD BELTS TOGETHER, ARE YOU BEYOND STUPID!!! Look at all the guys not getting pushes because the company has one world belt that only 2 to 3 people will hold for the foreseeable future! John Cena is the U.S Champ! Bring back the WHC! I mean if that belt was about, people might not be as annoyed about Sheamus winning the MITB!

  • Stop calling them Divas! Women Wrestlers is way better!
  • Bring back the WHC!
  • Listen to the Fans and learn who they actually like!
  • Stop turning Big Show and the Bellas faces and heels every so often, MAKE YOUR MINDS UP!
  • Put the mask back on Kane and let him beat people up!

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