I always hear these three questions when it comes to Autism

  • What is it?
  • Can I catch it?
  • Does that make you disabled?

Not much information about Aspergers about, or at least I can’t find any without the use of the internet! I know that in this day and age, most things are easily accessible online, probably more on the Internet than you can without it!

One thing that annoys me from time to time is that not many people know just what Aspergers is…you know what people say, ‘You mock what you don’t understand’

If their isn’t so much information about Autism about then how can we expect so many people to just understand what it is? Not only that but when it comes to Aspergers, there can be so many different aspects to it, like what obsession an individual with Aspergers may have as we don’t all like the same things…one might be obsessed with Roller coasters whereas another might be obsessed with lint….I wouldn’t be shocked if someone was! where similarities lie, so do differences, perhaps more than the latter so it can be difficult to say what Aspergers is sometimes because each person with it can act different to others with it, perhaps that’s why some people think it’s not real, that the individuals with Autism are just shy, poorly brought up people with poor social skills….to me that sounds stupid, what an ignorant moron would come out with but that’s just my opinion, Aspergers is very real, just in a variety of ways.

There are many different conditions out there but why is it when I read an article on a child being locked away in a cage or a separate classroom, it’s always one with Autism? every time, student locked in cage by teacher! because many people have no idea how to deal with someone with Aspergers and its main component, Being in company with others, like a class and such. Many people with Autism don’t like to be in a big group and prefer to be by themselves from time to time which can lead to a meltdown which can sometimes be violent! perhaps others who don’t know what to do, resort to desperate measures and lock the child away so they don’t hurt anyone or themselves but at what cost? What would you think if you read about an Autistic child being locked away? 

Well for me, it pisses me off because all it does is make any child with Autism look unstable and dangerous to be around others which doesn’t have to be true, I’ll admit that I was a handle but it was only because I didn’t understand! what pisses me off is when there are signs in a child that they have Autism but the parents won’t get them tested because ‘their ashamed’ Your ashamed? you’d rather struggle on with your child who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on because your afraid of a label?! I’d have given anything to have been diagnosed before the age of 13! if they had told me when I was 8 or 9, I’d have had more time to come to terms with it and work on becoming a more confident person but if I was told that my parents didn’t want me to be labelled, well….I wouldn’t be able to forgive them because I’d think that they were ashamed of me or something and that would hurt more than anything.

I’ll admit to pulling my hair out and biting others when I was younger, I was a bit of a menace or in my mind I was. My Mother once told me I screamed so loudly that people thought I had been kidnapped! I hate my routine being distracted or halted by something and one thing that I can’t stand is group work! for me, it is the worst thing in the world. I never enjoy anyone interrupting my work or way of thinking, it drives me crazy! Never really know why…it just does, I guess I don’t really need a reason…just pisses me off when others have to work with me….I hated it at University when this happened because I was terrible at asking people to be in their groups…..awful in fact. People were nice but they were all miles above me confidence wise, I felt like a nervous wreck who struggled to speak at times, always worrying about no one wanting to like me and such, bla bla bla I’ve said this way too many times….look the last thing I enjoy doing is saying my Aspergers holds me back in this department, maybe I don’t want to admit there are still issues with it, that I don’t have 100% control over it all

From my point of view, I had to learn everything from scratch, I didn’t walk until I was about 3 so I felt a bit behind, I never thought things through and didn’t care about the consequences

  • Eye contact
  • Facial Expressions
  • Jokes
  • Conversations

I could do…none of those things for a long time. I hated eye contact and in a ways, still do but not as bad as I did a few years ago, I never understand facial expressions straight way like if someone is upset or angry…would be really useful if I could and most jokes just pass me by so people don’t think that I have a sense of humor but despite all of that, I turned out just fine…engaged, have a house, a job and friends….not everyone with Aspergers is the same, in fact you’ll find it hard to find 2 people with Autism that are very similar, differences should be clear, apart from shyness and difficulty in making friends, their hobbies, loves and fears will be polar opposites most of the time yet all people with Autism are labelled as the same in the media and by people who have no idea what it is! I mean some people who I’ve seen with Aspergers have really pissed me off and some have been great friends, one is going to be a groomsman at my wedding but just because I have Aspergers, doesn’t mean I have to like everyone else with it! I’ll support them but if they piss me off, I’ll let them know that I find them annoying!

I’ve had to overcome so many obstacles that Autism has put in front of me when it comes to friends, education and finding a girlfriend and I overcame them all! Not by being babied and told what to do by people who don’t have Autism but because I did it all myself, I went out into the world a boy and I came back a man, I ignored what my parents wanted me to do which was not going to University and it was the best choice I ever made.

So what if I think most people with Aspergers can live better lives if they just step out of that protective bubble and just try! face it, no one wants to be babied all of their live…I can’t stand it when people assume I can’t do something. I know I’m a very capable person and all of you are as well but the first person and most important person who needs to believe that you can go out there and change the world is you, not your parents, friends, pets, teachers or such…YOU!

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