I haven’t blogged so much lately because I’ve been having a kitchen built at my house and it’s taking it’s sweet time to get done and I’m hoping that it’ll be done soon because it’s difficult to get anything done!

My hair has gone through quite the change as well! a mistake on my part to be honest as I got my numbers wrong at the barbers and she just shaved it all off…well most of it and I was so humiliated at first because Emma had no idea that I was having a haircut on the day, all I could think about was her reaction to it! thankfully, she came home and found me hiding in the bed, pillow over my head and she pulled it off and said that she liked it, it was different so it was good….whether she was being serious or just trying to spare my feelings, I don’t know but I came out.

Matt Hair 1

I’ve been writing a bit about Aspergers lately, well it matters to me to discuss it because it’s just something that so many people have no idea about, clueless in fact some are and why is that, I always wonder? Why is it something so hard to wrap your head about? i’ll write plenty more about the topic amongst many other things because I can, it’s a blog and we can write about what we want, right? of course we can as long as we follow the rules and guidelines and such!

More soon

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