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Why always me? why do I have the feeling that I could have said that a long time ago? why was I one of the ones in the world chosen to have Autism? is it decided like that…pick one out of a 100 people and best luck to them? Probably not but who knows what goes on in this thing we call life? we don’t know what happens out of this world, whether there is a heaven, hell or anything like that…for all we know we just lay in the ground once we die and that’s it but away from death…haven’t you ever wondered how you ended up where you are, why you may have been born with a Mental Health Issue, Disability etc? why are some people born this way and others are born…well without any issues to speak off, would that make them normal? Not really, you can be without a disability and still be quite different, It just seems strange to me how it happens and why and no, this isn’t jealously or anything like that, it’s more a wonder into the darkness that is life…why so many of us have something that labels anyone as different

What kind of issue that makes it incredibly hard to

  • Make Friends
  • Talk With Strangers
  • Be in a Relationship
  • Make Eye Contact
  • Handle Social Situations
  • Not Have Meltdowns

All sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Constantly being in a panic about friends, work, education and life in general because let’s face it, it has to be hard to be positive and upbeat when you feel you’re at a major disadvantage whereas someone you’ll know in your life, whether they be a parent, friend or just someone you know, they’ll likely have no troubles

  • Making Friends
  • Getting a Job
  • Being in a Relationship
  • Not having meltdowns (especially in public)
  • Have Long Conversations

What, did you have to toss a coin, the winner is fine and the loser has to deal with something when their born? I kid, I’m sure it doesn’t work like that but has that ever stopped you wondering

  • Why Do I Have Autism?

What purpose does it serve us to be on edge, nervous and quite angry at certain times, all that we have little control over? To me, it doesn’t make a lot of sense as to why such a thing would exist and what good comes out of it but you could say that about so many things in this world, they exist and you have no idea why. Could it be something along the lines of not being able to appreciate the good things in life without their being bad things?

The thing about Autism to me is…well all it really does to me is make me nervy, scared and a worrier which has made it hard socially as I have grown up…it doesn’t actually sound like a condition, does it? Loads of people can be shy and not have Autism. It’s real, don’t get me wrong but for someone who has no idea what it is…It can be understandable that they might not think it’s real…well maybe the meltdown part of it all could be a stand out part that defines Autism? Nah, well I hope not anyway! Click right here and read- My Blog I wrote as I had a meltdown see what you make of it!

What is the point I’m trying to make here…I’m no scientist but it is all down to stuff like that although as far as I am aware, no one in my family has had Autism…or if they had…it was never discovered so whereas I inherited it…I don’t know and if so, I will be a little scared of passing it down to my children but if I do, they’ll have someone right by their side, helping them every step of the day because if their Dad can overcome then I know they will be able to as well and they would always have love at home, no matter what they do in life. Anyway Science sounds better than the Religion one, just imagine a God deciding to create all these Mental Health Issues, Disabilities and other things…it just sounds cruel when you first say it, although their would very likely be a deep layer of explanations for it all…all part of a divine plan for the greater good?

I’ve seen people with Autism although the first person I knew had it, I didn’t meet until I was 18…first 18 years of my life and I had never come across anyone else with Aspergers….just imagine feeling like you were the only one for so many years…it was bad, depressing at times because I couldn’t talk to anyone about my condition as not many understood or didn’t care so that’s a reason why it took forever for confidence to come to me, no wonder it took me so long to fully understand Autism and it can affect people, forget naysayers and what they think isn’t real or if they do, don’t understand just how much it can really hurt when something like a meltdown or pure fear can stop an individual from living their live.

Life is a wonder as well as a mystery and Autism is just one of its many mysteries that can leave you scratching your head and saying ”What?”

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