What if the cure for Autism…is just developing confidence over time and overcoming these so-called walls of making friends, getting jobs and pretty much living life compared to…everyone else, who knows but it’s worth a thought at least…if you can overcome and do what it says you can’t do…does that mean your cured?

A condition that apparently has no cure…Autism is incurable at this point in time and I doubt a cure will be found for a very long time! Now then…this blog is about…well conditions that you probably think shouldn’t be! Look at the world you live in today, you have people struggling to find jobs, eat food and support their families and you have rich people who have no issues with any of that…society for you, that’s always been the case throughout time since Humans developed society but what hasn’t being all along are disabilities…they have gradually come along but today in 2015, they seem to be everywhere!

Be honest, how many conditions are there in the world today that you can think of or have heard of…compared to like 20 years ago…everywhere I go, theirs a condition for everything, it’s crazy… and being fat is apparently a disability now, no idea how exactly that came about….I mean, a self inflicting disability? ok, technically you can self inflict being deaf, blind or have an accident that results you being in a wheelchair, fine or can you accidentally become fat now?…did you accidentally eat way more than you should have done to a point you became obese? my issue with that is…surely…you look at yourself in the mirror during that time, you have a mirror right? when did the little voice in your head tell you…maybe I should slow down on the eating or something? How do people actually get that big and no do anything about it? I’m not having a go at fat people by the way before anyone starts but how is it a disability is all?

When I was a teenager, I would have given anything to not be told I had Autism, that a label wasn’t going to be placed on me yet today…it just seems that labels are far to easy to throw about! Being fat…seriously? that’s a disability, just imagine going to a job interview and having to write down Obesity in the Disability section. Don’t get me wrong, I know many people who are fat but they always try to lose weight and never say it’s a disability yet you read in the news/media that people call it a disability because life becomes so much harder, they can’t do things that ‘normal people’ do?!….the only person that can make you fat is you! unless you’ve been force-fed your entire life or something! Ok, so some people won’t care that they are fat, some may even like to be big and that’s fine…it’s your body, you can do what you want! but for someone like me…who has wished every day of their live that they didn’t have to have a label saying Autism on them, to suddenly have the rest of the world willy dilly throw out labels left right and center! What I don’t get is why some people would want to have that happen to them, no one should want to be labelled like that, yet nowadays, it seems like a blessing to some people! why…because they can claim benefits for it…they don’t have to do much, is that why it’s a blessing?

Being Blind, Deaf, Handicapped, In a Wheel Chair, Mental Health…all serious and completely understandable conditions, hard to live with for the person and their families but being fat?? are you serious….I know some people can get really big, like obese but for it to be called a disability…it just blows my mind and then the excuses I have heard when they are asked, why don’t you start to eat less and exercise

  • To hard to lose weight
  • I love my food too much
  • I’m stressed!

When to lose weight, you can

  • Join a Gym
  • Eat more Fruit and Vegetables
  • Join Weight Watchers
  • Not eat as many fatty foods
  • Exercise 
  • Go for a long walk
  • Jog
  • Ride a Bike
  • Swim 
  • Wii Fit 
  • Not Comfort Eat!

So many options people, and this isn’t a rant or anything but why is it that in today’s society, theirs a condition for everything you do! it blows the mind people…and it shows no signs of stopping.

This is in no ways meant to insult anyone who is fat or obese because many of you do try to lose weight and don’t use it as an excuse. I have friends who are big but the problem I would have is the ones that can’t be bothered and expect sympathy for it…even though chances are you caused it to happen, no one forced you to have that extra takeaway! You have the option to do something about it but I don’t, I can’t lose my Autism with exercise or eating more healthy food! And I won’t go about using my Autism as an excuse, what would that accomplish…have people feel sorry for me, I hate that kind of stuff! I once weighed 13 stone and I joined a running club and lost the weight, it was hard but worth it because I succeeded and I regularly go for runs every week and am looking to buy a bike in the future

The difference between being Obese and being Autistic is simple

  • You can lose the weight or even have surgery!
  • Someone with Autism can’t just stop doing what they do  
  • Your born with Autism! Are you born Obese?

To me, it all just sounds like a joke gone horribly wrong. When I was younger, I thought the world would be a better place with less labels, nowadays though….more of them are appearing! it just seems like a slap in the face who people who suffer from actual disabilities every day! My condition might not be the most serious one in the world but it’s a hell of a lot more of a condition then eating too much!

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