Today I shall discuss having Autism and being in a relationship, chances are with someone who doesn’t have Autism and whether an Alien can actually find love.

Don’t you tell me that I can’t find love because of Autism, don’t you dare sit their and try to insult me like that, there are too many people who see a label and get scared away but a label does not define a person entirely…are we as a species just too judgmental? I sure think we are…some of the reasons people are murdered, attacked, not allowed to have a job amongst other things can be for the silliest of reasons yet it happens everyday but one thing that sticks out to me is

  • People with Autism can’t be in a Relationship

Says who? A disgruntled parent, your teacher, a politician trying to get noticed or has God come down to Earth, declared this and I just happened to miss it? Let me make something very clear…if you have Autism, you can have a partner, it might not be easy but it is very possible and anyone who doesn’t think so needs to have another think about it…tell me why they can’t and make it a good argument, don’t just say

  • They can’t

Of course you can be in a relationship if you have Autism, what kind of idiot walks about assuming that just because you have Aspergers then you can’t ever fall in love or have a partner, get married or have children? amazingly there are people out their that do think like this….blows the mind as to how stupid some people really are, either that or they are just incredibly stubborn! you wouldn’t think someone in a wheelchair can’t have a partner, why would you? because they can’t walk, all of a sudden being in a relationship is out of the question? or someone who is blind…so they can’t see so having a lover would be too much for them? People with disabilities or conditions that makes life that little bit harder can still live life just like everyone else can, to say that they can’t is just unfair! Or perhaps the word ‘can’t’ is meant to mean, they can but it would be extremely difficult to maintain a relationship like that…why? because if the other person doesn’t have Autism then they won’t be able to handle the pressure, meltdowns and everything else that comes along in the package, remember, your partner will have luggage with them…we all do! I doubt you’ll ever find someone on this planet that doesn’t have something they wish hadn’t happened in their past, not one person.

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If you find someone who can look beyond limitations and love you for you! then having a disability wouldn’t matter but sadly, wherever you go in this world, people who have a disadvantage at life itself are assumed to not be able to maintain things like Love, Work or anything like that and there are people out their that just believe whatever they read on the Internet or in the Paper and believe it to be fact so it won’t matter if it’s obvious that ANYONE can find love, disabled or not…if someone reads a column on TV that says that they can’t then it’s the latter that will be believed.

Ok so…I will admit…you can get many with Autism that can go unnoticed as in no one would even know they had the condition unless they came out and said so but…their are also many where it is obvious that something is wrong….some can’t go into public places without getting scared and they end up screaming, causing a scene and some people will get annoyed by that…seriously, I typed in Autistic People are annoying into Google just to see what I could find and straight away, I found plenty to convince me that if you have Autism and have a meltdown in public than people are likely going to get annoyed about it, although when I read a page called, ‘I’m sorry your sons autistic but you still need to control him’ it was about an Autistic Boy screaming in a cinema and causing a scene but the Mother did nothing about it, she ignored it and was probably hoping that everyone else would…no chance. If I was that boy’s Father and my son started screaming, I’d ask him to calm down first and if that didn’t work, I’d take him outside and try to calm him down and if he could, we’d go back in but if he wasn’t up to it then we wouldn’t…I understand that people with Autism can struggle in social situations but I won’t just assume that everyone around me will be so sympathetic about it…people will get annoyed, that’s just the world we live in and in this situation…they have a right to get mad, they paid good money to watch the film as well so why should it be ruined for someone constantly screaming all the way through the movie? I’d be angry as well but I’d understand.

At the same time, don’t go assuming that it’s only Autistic people who can ruin a movie….hands up for all the parents that have taken a baby to a movie before? ever sat next to a screaming baby for 3 hours and the parents not doing a thing about it…very common sadly…someone with Tourette’s, someone talking on the phone…point is, it isn’t only someone with Autism that can scream through a movie! But back to the topic!

I still stand with everyone on the Autistic Spectrum being able to find love, get married and such but admit that for many, it wouldn’t be easy because if I went and proclaimed that every single person from low to extreme can find a partner, stating it like it’d be easy then I’d be called delusional! I know a couple of people with Autism that have never had a girlfriend, even though they are good people! one I knew years ago that I don’t really speak to anymore, he has it way worse than I do and seems to struggle definitely in daily life…I don’t know what he does anymore but I often see him walking about…looking stressed…maybe one day, I’ll say hello.

I’ve had girlfriends in the past and some ended badly and one moved away and I’ll admit, I was ready to give up searching for someone and accept that I would be alone all of my life (cue the violin) but soon afterwards, fate would arrive and I would walk into a classroom and their she was…the one for me, my soul mate. I have Autism and…I seem to be doing fine…I’ve been with my partner for 5 years now and we are getting married next year…yes I’ll admit her family were a little unsure at first because of my Autism but it’s never even mentioned anymore…because they’ve seen me for me, not my condition and life can’t be better anymore…I wouldn’t change a thing about it anymore but it wasn’t so easy…I had to find confidence and self belief that I could overcome these mental obstacles of  being able to trust and accept that someone would want to actually be with me, I had made mistakes in the past and people have hurt me, betrayed me even so it wasn’t so simple yet I was able to do it and I never intend to let go now as she has been the best thing to ever happen to me, by miles and I will always love her, care for her and create a lifetime of memories with her. I can’t imagine life without her anymore and my Autism doesn’t even matter but then again, it never has.

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Therefore Aliens can find love, end of.


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