Today was a lovely day, full of sunshine, bowling and a great day out at the movies! Let me say that I’m Autistic and all, although I’ve said that in many previous Blogs in the past and in another blog I said that it’s not just Autistic people created noise in a cinema…well today I was pretty much proven right as me and my fiance decided to go and see the new Minion movie (her idea) since she wasn’t up for Jurassic World…I’d seen it already so not a big deal…even though it’s an awesome film but anyway…as we struggled to find seats, I saw two near the front and behind us was a family of about four and one looked nervous and was quite loud, I knew immediately that something was wrong however I chose to sit their regardless.

The kid sat behind us could not sit still and kept making lots of noise, kicking the back of my seat and his Father was always telling him to calm down and he was doing a really good job about it. I sat forward for most of the movie, well I do that most of the time anyway so I didn’t really feel any of the kicks but I could still hear him shouting and sounding happy but was I annoyed by this…angry even? Not really, from the minute I took a seat, I knew that he had something…you could just tell but I still chose to sit their because whatever he had…it wasn’t his fault so why take it out on him or his family when they were just their to have a good time and enjoy the movie? Besides, it wouldn’t have been the first time someone had constantly kicked the back of my seat in a cinema…some people just don’t care

I didn’t miss any of the movie by the way, it was quite good! I didn’t lose focus because someone behind me was making noise every now and then, I know some might do, even though he couldn’t help it because

  • They paid to see the movie like everyone else
  • It’s rude to be noisy
  • Or…some people just think way too highly of themselves and would lose the plot over the smallest of things
  • Or…some people are just dicks if they get winded up over something like a small noise

Afterwards, one of the parents felt the need to apologize and explain that he had Down Syndrome and got excited sometimes…their was no need to say sorry at all…I was never mad about it at all nor should anyone really…within reason, I mean if they assaulted you then fair does, complain but if they just make a small noise here and their and might kick the back of your chair every now and then, I don’t think that’s a great reason to say something if you know that they can’t help it…you knew that the parents would feel bad, embarrassed even because they know that their child will act up and won’t be quiet but they handled it really well, they didn’t try to ignore it at all and were very kind about it and I commended that because it can’t be easy.

A little compassion, understanding and kindness can go along way people, remember that?

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