Before you know, it’s all gone…not a shred of Cake left…how does she do that? I didn’t hear her get a piece…maybe she’s a ninja in disguise. Hi guys, I’m the Daily Pick Me Up (Applause) and today I’m talking about the competitiveness I experience in my relationship. Me and Emma seem to have a mutual understanding that we like to compete with one another when it comes to do just about anything and to be fair, we both have our fair share of strengths and weaknesses so it has never been one-sided and I doubt it ever will

We always seemed to argue over who does what job in the household like hoovering the house…one time we both grabbed the hoover and went around pulling it from one another like a wrestling match or something, just to clean up…no idea why I was that bothered about it all but a apart of me wanted to do it instead of her

It feels like a competition at the end of the day, who has done what? if you say you’ve done more than the other than it’s like a victory or something like that…what’s the reward exactly for doing one or two more chores than your other?? who knows but that’s how it can feel with me and Emma sometimes, I think we’re quite the competitive couple if you ask me, always trying to beat the other…although we have been known to be nice to one another after a game and not gotten mad.

  • Games
  • Jobs
  • Cooking
  • Exercise
  • Just about everything

We love each other very much, don’t get me wrong but no matter what we do, it has always felt like we try to defeat the other one, the proof is that we are both horrible losers…if we lose to the other one, we can’t stand it! on many occasions Emma has thrown a game controller, slammed a door or I’ve stormed upstairs and curled into a ball and sighed…hate to think what our kids will do if we’re both like that

Here are the things I think I am better at

  • Sports
  • Education (Not her fault this one)
  • Games
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning

Here are the things Emma thinks she is better at

  • Chores
  • Games
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Talking (She could talk for the country in my opinion)

Yeah, we both think we’re better than the other in many things, well at least I can go on any Roller coaster without crying like a little baby about it!

Emma: Go on any spinning ride, I dare you!

Matthew: Only if you go on a Roller Coaster

Emma: No deal

Matthew: Fancy going on a log flume Emma?

Emma: No…you know I don’t like them? But we could always go on the Waltzer

Matthew: No way! you always suggest that and I hate them

Emma: Well don’t have a go at me for not liking Roller coasters then!

Matthew: Wimp

Emma: You’re the wimp

Matthew: I go on way more rides than you!

Emma: Yeah well you suck at console games

Matthew: What, you mean Nintendo Wii games?

Emma: I always win Wii Party

Matthew: That’s it, Me…you and Rainbow Road!

You win this round Emma!

Emma: Love You

Matthew:…Love you too (breaks Wii controller)

This isn’t a blog to say that men or women are better than the other, if you ask me…only stupid people think one or the other….we’re EQUAL, DEAL WITH IT! I’ve never once felt that I’m better than Emma and never will but you can get quite competitive with your partner sometimes….I don’t know what it is but the urge to defeat them in sometime like a console game or cooking something better than them is somewhat satisfying, even if it is only meant to be a little bit of harmless fun at the end of the day.

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