I had an experience today that one perhaps should not experience all the time, yet it keeps on happening and you might not think it should…alas it does and this happens all over the country on train services, here we go then.

No seats available as all are taken, why aren’t their more carriages on this train? so many walkers that have been out for the day, taking up all the train! the corridors all full, nowhere to stand comfortably without bumping into another. It’s like being compressed into a tiny space, barely able to move with much comfort yet the horrible stench of overloaded bins amidst in the sunlight which just makes it even worse, like being in a sardine can! how is humane at all…who would accept this as public transport yet it happens every day, we board small trains, pressed against the corridors or windows, you struggle to move at all as others bump into every time the train speeds around a corner, you struggle to fathom just how train fares continue to rise yet comfort levels seem to fall, it blows the mind at times…unless you travel in first class and pay extra just so your window has curtains on it…seems worth it right? most of the time, it gets so crowded that people have to stand in first class anyway so what’s the point of it? and why do so many people book seats in advance but never actually turn up to sit in them or when they do…someone else is already sat in them and won’t move…sometimes getting a seat is like lions fighting over a scrap of meat, you snooze, you lose basically!

Screaming kids running down the carriage, and parents who do not care, no amount of loud music can block it out…Believe me, I went to full volume…nothing would work…perseverance would have to do…it’s only two stops until you reach your final destination…ignore the screams as they shatter your ear drums…you know you’ve been in cinemas that have been more quiet as well as shopping centers that can’t compare to a packed train that should have been scrapped in the 80’s on a sunny weekend but alas, here we are…jammed packed trains, screaming kids and the worst smell you can find on any public transport along with toilets that look like the ones you find at Glastonbury…starting to think some trains in the 1800’s were better looked after than the ones today

That is what it is, to ride a train!

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