My blogs are always honest and I always speak from the heart when I write them because I believe that being honest is the best way to go, always have and always will. I’m 25 and I’m Autistic and this blog today is basically me…what I stand for and what I believe in so I hope you enjoy it.

Autism is very dear to me because it’s something that is with me each day and I know it is never going to go away, I accepted that a long time ago and decided that their was no point trying to fight it so instead, I tried to learn how to cope with what Autism came with, learn my likes and dislikes and when I felt close enough to having a meltdown and how to learn to deal with one because I know just how dangerous they can really be.

I don’t care how Autism is caused or some bogus cure for it…bleach the brain…let me be clear for a second in saying that if you even considered that this was a good idea for a second then you just lost my respect because let me say it clearly in this blog


Does that really sound like a good idea, why not just drop your toaster into the bath when you’re in it while you’re at it! that’s your BRAIN! why the hell would you bleach it? Do you want to die or something? I’m sorry but there is no actual cure for Autism…get over it if you have it or are a parent of someone with Autism…don’t be so daft believing such nonsense!

Do you want to know the best way of ‘curing Autism’ is and no, this isn’t proven or anything and it isn’t an actual cure because you would still be Autistic but what I have found to be the best way of dealing with Autism and appearing to not have it is overcoming all of my fears, going out into the world each and every day and not caring what anyone thinks! Yeah I have struggled to make friends in the past…because I cared what others thought but when I could, I took control of my own life and now I have friends for life! I got a job, went to University and I’m engaged!

For me, the cure was to not be babied by my parents and to let me decide what I wanted to do with my life and I am aware that this can’t work for everyone with Autism! but I changed so much in the eight years after I finished School, five years in college and three in University changed me for the better, it undid all the damage that stupid school did to me…I swear I have no love for that school because they had no idea what to do with me so they just threw me to the side…their were good people there but far too many idiots. I’d say that I’ll never forgive them for what they did to me but their not worth it. I found two great places and looked at me and said that I could do well and I did…because they saw past the condition and saw a human!

Let me tell you what would have happened if I listened to my family and school…I wouldn’t have gone to college or university, I’d still likely be living with my parents and I’d be alone and miserable…because it would have all be too much for me to handle apparently….what rubbish, too much to handle….oh no, you have to go out into the world and talk to people! yes it can be hard but not impossible…at the end of the day, you don’t have to become anyone’s best friend or anything, hell you don’t even have to talk so much….you just have to go their because believe it, it is miles better than saying ‘I can’t handle it, I’ll just stay at home’  good luck when your 60 pal….remembering your life and realizing that you’ve pretty much not done much because you didn’t take that chance 40 years ago…because it was too scary. I’m not having a go at anyone who is afraid, I’m trying to tell you that you can do more…who says you can’t…your parents…your school? Your human…you have a brain and if you can go to school where people are…why is college any different or University? people are their two and the difference between college and school is that YOU decide what you want to study…who you want to talk to and what your future is…no one forces you into anything…my parents thought I’d become a farmer or something…forget that, I want to be a writer!

All over the world, many people have Autism and so many struggle to break those barriers down, making friends, moving out of their parents homes, getting married and I’ll admit I once thought I wouldn’t do any of these things but I got so fed up of being told what to do and how to live my life that I just took over, went to college and it changed my life…I met so many wonderful people who didn’t care I was Autistic, they made me see that it didn’t matter, all that mattered that I was a nice person who was a hard worker…screw what others think! I went in there…terrified at first but it didn’t take long for that to go away because I could do what I wanted now…I was away from home…no one trying to advise me or anything like that, I hate that kind of thing because it’s like I’m a game character and someone’s controlling me and their playing very boring. Perhaps people are afraid of being misunderstood or judged because of their Autism….your aware there are many more conditions out their than just Autism right? so why on Earth should anyone with Autism be afraid to interact with people? And no, online doesn’t count, I mean talking to someone in the flesh…outside!

I’m not saying rush outside now and make a million friends but perhaps make a start by having a talk with someone…your parents or a friend…have a thought about that college course you want to take but your afraid of leaving home or you don’t think you’ll handle it because you haven’t had many friends or any at all…sorry but I didn’t realise you were only allowed to make friends when you were in school….I only had 2 when I finished school, I made all my good friends in college.

When I was 13 and about to go to Settle High School, they read out the class names and when a group of lads found out I wasn’t in their class, they cheered…loudly…in front of me and yes…it hurt…a lot but how was I to know that getting away from them was the best thing to ever happen to me…those snakes really thought they were all that and they were my friends once but people change and I was ousted…thank god! I met real people after that…actual genuine friends that put all those idiots to shame…so thanks guys for showing your true colors and showing me what dicks you actually are, you made me stronger that day and that there are bad people out there who just didn’t deserve me as a friend…I’ve found real ones now and they have more guts and courage any of you have in your tiny finger.

  • Isn’t it better to try?

I’d have so much more respect for someone who went and tried, rather than sitting at home and putting it off, trying is awesome…failure is nothing to be ashamed off…as long as you tried. It was the best decision of my life because before hand, I started to not see the point in life at all, people always telling me what to do and no real prospects, next to no friends…it seemed bleak but it was me making that first decision to get away from that town, it’s not a bad place…I’m not saying that but if I didn’t get away then I’d have gone insane but I did leave it and became the master of my own fate that saved me…I have never been happier and I will always believe that anyone else with Autism can do the same, you can change your life and make a million times better than it is now if you’re in a dark place…all it takes is a bit of courage and that first step…it will take time but never give up on yourself, you will get there…one day but I’d rather try to fail than do nothing because I was scared…every time. I can now go back to my hometown and just laugh at the people who tried to make my life hell because…they lost, plain and simple…they can’t hurt me anymore…I’m not the same scared, misunderstood boy that they didn’t like anymore…not by a long shot and they don’t scare me at all anymore…I even partly feel sorry for them because they feel the need to try and bring others down…how sad.

However, I forgive them all for all the names… being left alone and the fact that they rubbed it in my face that they didn’t have to put up with me anymore…and yeah, I might have been a little bit strange, clingy and all that…this was before I knew I had Autism, it was the way they said they didn’t want to be my friends that was so sad and cruel but if they weren’t such horrible excuses for human beings than I might never have gotten the strength to want to get away from them and make a better life for myself, meet genuine people and realise that I can be so much more and if I were to meet any of them again, they’d laugh…that’s the kind of people they are but I don’t have to stand their and feel sad anymore, I can just laugh it off and be on my way now…so what if they don’t like me, are they anyone important? No! they might think they are but at the end of the day…they are just people living their lives..nothing more, nothing less. As long as I have my friends, family and fiance…I have everything I need and could ever want.

Be a Lion and roar! Let them all hear you roar because your life has gotten better and it’s all down to you!

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