You Don’t Have Autism!’ how can you when you have friends, a job and a fiance! you liar-2014

What an absolute joke, so just because I don’t struggle to make friends, get a partner or anything that involves being social…I don’t have Autism? What kind of nonsense is this??? From what I got from that…If you say your happy and have Autism then your faking??? Why, is it illegal to have friends and still have Autism or something. Come on people, be real…why would it bother you so much about it anyway, so much that you start a big argument over it…to prove a point or something…I’m not going to start acting nervous around people again, just to make you happy if I don’t need to, I conquered that demon and I’m proud of it

‘You have friends so you don’t have Aspergers….you liar!’

‘What, how does that make sense?’ 

‘I have Autism, have never had a friend in my life….I struggle to meet people’

‘Ok but that doesn’t mean everyone with Autism does the same’

‘Yes it does! People with Autism struggle socially!’ he replied

‘I used to struggle in the past but I’ve worked at it and now have great friends!’ I argued back ‘it can be done’ 

‘Your a liar…you don’t have Autism you faker’ he accused me. 

It went on for ages afterwards and no matter what I said, he refused to back down and said I didn’t have Autism….because I have friends and a fiance. 

Well guess what, I have a fiance, good friends and I was able to go to University and College so by this stupid logic, I must be faking, right? because heaven forbid anyone with Autism being allowed to be happy or anything like that, its absolute rubbish that comes out of some people’s mouths…especially this one….why would anyone fake having this??? that would just be stupid yet I know a few people with Autism that have been accused of making it all up…for what gain…so people will feel sorry for us or something?? Pathetic if you ask me. do I need to have a clear sign so you can see I have a condition??? is that what it would take for you to take your accusations of my doorstep! I’ve been diagnosed with it for over a c decade and have learnt to deal with what it comes with…I understand it’s an invisible thing that can’t be seen but I’m not going around with a sticker on my forehead for you!

Autism is serious, being accused of faking is offensive and hurtful because I would give anything to be told I don’t have Autism, to be told that the nightmare is over but I know it won’t because it’s not curable! so whatever, think what you like…but keep your negative opinions to yourself….what did you watch Rainman and think that you know everything about Autism or something?


  1. Why does the poster think autism needs a cure? We are not diseased, just made differently. This is gives us an advantage over allistics at certain things, depending on how your individual case affects you abilities.

    1. A cure is not needed but rather I wouldn’t feel happy if I was told one day that I didn’t have it…I know it’ll never happen but haven’t you ever wondered about what your life would have been like if you didn’t have Autism…not even once

  2. There is indeed a great deal of ignorance among the general public concerning autism.

    Speaking personally, I would not want to be cured. Yes, it has its challenges, and I have wondered what my life would be like without it, but it’s also implicated in so many of the things I like about myself. 🙂

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