Ladies and Gentleman of all ages, I am The Daily Pick Me Up and this is a blog pretty much based on what we take in this world as acceptable, what the general aspects of life can be seen as by the hierarchy as important and the rest pretty much have to get by on their own! we live in a world that tends to judge upon certain things that you may or may not have

  • Money
  • Looks
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Power
  • Colour (Sadly)
  • Sexuality (Sadly)

It’s like a massive playground the world, you have so many different countries, races, languages and so on yet how you look, how much money you have and what colour skin you have (sad but true) we like to think ourselves far removed from the dark days of the past when slaves were common, being gay was considered an illness and women were burned alive for looking suspicious, like a witch! we’ve been on this planet for a long time now and a lot about Humans still bewilders me, I mean A lot of places in the world, Men see themselves as superior, not all but some, they get paid more and etc , Women have next to no rights in some countries…why? because they aren’t physically as strong as a male….Women can go to the gym right? So whats stopping them from getting as strong as a Male?? I bet that meeting that probably happened thousands of years ago went down well

Male: We Men strong, we fight…do all the fun stuff…Women stay home, look after children, cook and clean

In Britain, women have only had the right to vote for just under 100 years! Not even 100 years! what does that tell you…why didn’t Men and Women stay equal throughout time….what happened in the past to make Men see Women as not equal? maybe we just weren’t good at keeping the house clean or something, who knows

  • We are very judgmental
  • Money is louder than anything in the universe

It can be looked upon differently in all 4 corners, that much is obvious, it might be ok for someone to be Gay in Britain but could be the opposite somewhere like Qatar or like having next to no money in Monaco, unless you’re a tourist passing by, it makes no sense. yet we all know Money speaks volumes and it always will, we’ve learnt about the past when it comes to the color of skin, slavery, things have improved, religion is still an ongoing thing and has been for most of our history. America has only just let Gays marry in all 50 states which is a breakthrough but why has it taken so long?

If your gay, your gay…If your poor…your poor….and so on and so forth but the point is, we are all human…we all live here together so why are their so many divides between us all? Would live be boring without them? If we never had any issues at all, what would it be like? Would we have some kind of paradise where we all live our lives cleanly and wonderfully without being judged for anything whatsoever…I don’t know if we as Humans could ever do that…haven’t been able to so far, although things have gotten better….I mean we used to fight over watering holes and have Christians fed to lions for fun…you used to be able to go and stab a bear outside of the theater for entertainment… we enjoyed that kind of stuff! heads chopped off, burnt alive….hanged, drawn and quartered…. we would take our children to watch this happen! you get where this is going and in some places…you can still have your head chopped off as an execution.

Yet…how is something like a Mental Health Condition looked at around the world? in today’s world, it seems like more and more conditions are appearing, to the point that nothing that is done by a human won’t be because of a health issue anymore. I have Autism and live in England. That’s a mental condition yet it barely affects my life at all, yet because of the label…people can easily have a look at this and assume that I can’t bring much to the table, if anything at all! Which is wrong really but it doesn’t bother me and it never will, However, it seems like it’s a much bigger issue in America than anywhere else in the world….more than 3.5 million people are diagnosed with it there which when you think about it…isn’t that much, not when you compare how big the country is! well to be fair I’ve not looked into Autism in Asia or the Middle East. I’ve never had to take any sort of medication for my condition and I never will yet I hear it’s quite common over the pond even though it’s something that is ”treatable…not curable” and as Humans, we are obsessed with finding the answers to everything, we strive to cure Cancer, Aids, HIV and even how to stop people from becoming obese in this fast food obsessed world. yet when it comes to Autism…their just doesn’t seem to be anyway around it….it was suggested that if you bleach the brain, you’ll be cured…well yeah that is true but only because it would be very likely that the person would have DIED! So stupid!

People with Autism are seen as being the same…although many think it’s a condition that you grow out of as a child which isn’t true, it’s for life! til the die you die, it’ll be there. Trust me, we are not the same…we all have different obsessions, different meltdowns…and we all may not like each other….just because you have the same condition doesn’t mean you have to like them…some I’ve met before have really annoyed me…bit ironic really when you want to make more friends yet when you meet someone who has something in common with you…you might find them arrogant, quiet and rude, the opposite of what you want to be called yourself….go figure.

There are so many conditions that make living life so hard like being blind, deaf…having Down’s Syndrome and so on yet from what I can gather and this is only a minority…people don’t like others who have excuses in life…if you have a condition or something that makes life that extra bit hard…yet in today’s society, some people see being obese as a disability….that sounds like an excuse to me! people can look down and judge you for just about everything…why? why do we do that? yes, some people can lie about having something…and we all have feelings and can be offended, the only issue is when you have 1 or 100 people who are offended by something…you’ll have a million who aren’t so if you watch a TV show for example and get offended by something…don’t complain, just don’t watch! it’s so simple yet no one seems to grasp that if you get a show removed because you don’t like it, you ruining so many people’s life’s that DO LIKE IT! if someone went on TV and said that all people with Autism were retarded, I wouldn’t complain about it, I’d just turn it off, walk away. We very impressionable aren’t we in this world…we see something on TV and want to do it….so if we saw something jump off a cliff…you’d have someone thinking it’s a good idea? That’s just stupid…surely common sense has to come in at some point world!

When we started living here so long ago…when did we make all of these decisions as to how we would live…who came up with the idea of money? or to look up to the sky for some kind of higher power to guide you through life’s problems, after all…we are Human so we…get scared and may perhaps find it reassuring to know that someone or something is watching out for you…who knows but being a Human is very complex, so much always going on in the world when it comes to beliefs, disagreements and the past. Lord help the future of this planet…hopefully we get it right in the next couple of hundred of years…if we haven’t been wiped out by then…mass extinction and all that.

At the end of the day, I don’t look at someone and judge them for their sexuality, religious beliefs, color of skin or if they have more money or less than me…All I see are other people and animals that live on the planet, living their life’s! Mental Health or not…we are all people who have just as much right to be here as everyone else does, shouldn’t we all? or are we what many say we are…sheep that follow the first herder that we see?

Maybe one day, we’ll just be like this-

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