Hello and welcome to the DailyPickMeUp’s Weekly News, where the weekly news is discussed…anyway let us start off with Greece and the upcoming vote which by the time this blog is up, might have already been decided, whether it be a yes or a no, although both look doom and gloom if you ask me on repaying that 1.5 billion euro debt although as I type this, I just checked BBC News and early predictions see a ‘No’ vote winning the day and with reports saying that banks are almost out of money,we’ve all seen the pictures of queues outside banks and AT-M machines all over Greece! it doesn’t look so good but the Greek leader Alexis Tsipras seems to think that a ‘No’ vote will give them an edge when it comes to negotiations with Europe although that has been debated by Top European Leaders as well as ‘Yes’ Campaigners that it will just make Greece’s exit from the Eurozone all that much quicker but the Greek leader is defiant that a ‘No’ vote is what is best for Greece, doesn’t seem to make so much sense to me but I won’t go about and pretend I’m an expert at politics although more Austerity for the Greek people doesn’t seem like a good alternative either. I mean 26% of the population is unemployed! how much more has to happen before the creditors realise that they are being very cruel to this country…but remember, even after this 1.5 billion euro debt…don’t they have even more money to pay back by the end of July…3 billion I think it was.

A No vote would show that the Greek people are fed up of Austerity and spending cuts as they are severely struggling the way things are now..taking away even more might finish the country off when it comes to staying in Europe although German and French leaders seem skeptical about a deal being struck but Greece seem to think that they can get a deal…something has to happen and either Greece gets a deal or they could be staring at an exit door, one that might not let them back in.

Greece cannot pay back what they owe and it doesn’t look good for the nation but by being bailing out by the European Union, won’t that just create a much bigger issue down the road? surely the day will come when they’ll have to pay that money back as well! not only that but it’s not like Greece is the only European country dangerously in debt….we all remember Ireland was once in debt and Portugal, Italy and Spain isn’t doing so well at the moment either so it begs the question if having a single currency for so many countries is such a good idea at all?! Can a nation become bankrupt and completely run out of money, food or provisions? would the world really let that happen to a nation or could Greece even turn to China or Russia if they become desperate? who knows but the European Money Crisis ain’t going away anytime soon and if Greece survives this, whose is to say that they will be permanently out of the woods. Something about all of this just seems sketchy to me…either creditors back down or the Greek Finance Minister and the Prime Minister are in denial and don’t want to accept that they are likely facing an exit from the Euro and a return to the Drachma. Whatever the vote, it won’t be so simple for Greece to strike a deal.


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