Ok, so I was wrong about only having a couple of meltdowns yearly, the truth is you can’t count how many times you’ll have one because they can come about at just about anytime really, I mean I’ve had one this morning and I how no idea that it was going to happen, it just…begins and you know it’s about to start seconds from it, so I went for a walk to cool off, literally because it was raining and still is!

Or maybe we are just blowing things way out of proportion, who knows? We all get angry but should we really call it a meltdown moment? Or is it just we get angry and lack the proper understandings to control this powerful emotion? Anger is very powerful and I know for a fact that I don’t care about much when I get angry, I feel powerful and uncaring about most things, it can feel quite dangerous at times, even if it is only for a short amount of time, I still fear it and would be a fool to not take it seriously. If I didn’t have control, I bet I’d break quite a few things.

Scary thing is, these moments can happen over just about anything…anything from small to large, it doesn’t have any one trigger, it has many of them and it can be so annoying if you’re having a good then, then anything can set you off and your day is ruined.

  • Worries
  • Fears
  • Boredom
  • Stress
  • Tired

I find that these can be main components for releasing a Meltdown moment in someone with Autism and once it starts, it needs time to cool off and calm down so I often just go for a walk, either that or listen to music and close my eyes for a while, main thing is…I prefer to be alone during these times, I find it embarrassing to be around someone else when I’m fuming, angry or sad. I don’t know about others but the one thing I don’t like about Autism are moments like this, when a sudden extreme urge of anger fills me up and it’s all I can think about, for me it’s like a whispering voice that spouts hatred and negative comments in my mind, it becomes obsessive and I want it to stop so much! it’s like pain inside your mind that takes over everything and your desperate for peace! it’s like an overload on a computer and it’s just crashed so you need to shut down and restart, if that makes any sense. I’ll go for a walk as I reboot and after say 20 minutes, I’m back to normal but I never stay anywhere for a so long in this mode because I always want to punch or throw something, I’m well aware that I likely would so I always go outside and wander about, go into town or even got for a walk in the countryside for a bit, it’s nice and relaxing to get some fresh air or to even have something nice to eat, like your favorite snack

Meltdowns can take a toll on the person as well as families and the public if it happens in a public place, I mean when I get like that, I feel so much anger…And I mean anger! it overtakes everything, here is a link to a site that has a story of an outburst in a public place as an example! Meltdown In Store It can happen and it feels embarrassing I’ll have you know…it’s not like we enjoy having outbursts in public or anything and to see people’s look of disgust each and every time just adds to the frustration because we can’t help it most of the time, if we could we certainly wouldn’t have an outburst in front of so many people, not in a million years yet we are made to look like lunes and incapable of looking after ourselves, all because of a little outburst, yet by the way I have seen many people without conditions do yet no one bats an eye lid yet someone with mental health issues has one and it an entirely different ball game! believe me, I’ve seen it happen and it blows the mind how much or should I say how little compassion some humans actually have which can be next to none…I was unaware it was illegal to have an outburst because of a condition which a lot of the time comes to nothing, it’s just about as much of a tantrum as you can have, mine have never been violent but I was once made out to be that! The worst I have done in a meltdown is break a light with a bean bag and that was in my own home, only my brother saw it and I was young when it happened, I had no control over my anger but I do now. Some people have anger issues and don’t have conditions, I have seen so many rude people in public be just dicks for no reason really, they just enjoy making other people feel scared or freaked out for whatever reason yet 9/10 times nothing is ever done about it and if something is, they just do it again anyway! but if someone with a condition throws a hissy fit in a store or in a public place, someone will report it and make them out to be completely helpless and causing a disturbance, all the stories online or in the news on Autism is overwhelming sometimes.

This link has a list of causes for a meltdown- Causes of Meltdowns

Have a look and see if you agree and do you think Meltdown’s are a real thing or is it just someone getting angry and people have called it a meltdown because personally, we all get angry and have ways of dealing with it so why do people with Autism need to give it another label by calling them ‘meltdowns’? I think it’s a lack of understanding when it comes to these moments because they can happen so fast and without warning, not giving the person long to deal with it but I’ve learnt the triggers and know what to do when it happens or I like to think I have 100% anyway even though I know deep down their will still sometimes be issues regarding this matter.

I’ll finish with this beautiful way of someone with Aspergers being calmed down and leave it here, see you next time.


  1. What a fabulous post. Thanks for sharing this. I have high functioning autism and struggle with ‘meltdowns’ too.

    For me it’s just when my feelings get way way too much for my ‘self-management system’ to cope with and it all overspills. I think all people experience this kind of thing from time to time but I think for those of us on the autistic spectrum it happens more often. For me being tired and exposed to too much noise and too many people, or being unwell and being exposed to too much noise and too many people will do it. In me it feels like my senses are turned up to maybe 300% or 400% of what other people seems to feel and so it can easily become too much, especially if I’m not feeling great. The other things that do it for me are (1) being accused of something I haven’t done because I often can’t communicate well enough to explain what really happened and so I get the blame (2) getting badly misunderstood again because my communication is not great so I can’t sort it out. Nowadays I am mostly able to know it’s going to happen and get myself somewhere alone before it all comes out, but sometimes it still happens in shops or at the doctors which I find massively embarrassing and shaming.
    I have a lovely little dog who helps me. If I’m upset she will come and sit quietly next to me. I can stroke her and put my face in her hair and her smell and her gentleness makes me feel better.
    You are not alone in this. I know first-hand how difficult it is.

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