1)Using the Ring isn’t always bad Kane-attacked-by-steel-steps

The Steel steps aren’t always illegal to use in a match! How many times have we seen a wrestler thrown into the steel steps and a DQ has not happened? Quite a lot really and it blows the mind because Steps will do quite some damage yet it’s perfectly legal, unless the wrestler picks up the steps and hits the other wrestler with them, then that’s a DQ so why isn’t tossing a wrestler into them a DQ? Same with the ring post, you can toss your opponent into it, shattering their shoulder and it’s perfectly fine! but keep him in the corner for more than 5 seconds and that’s a DQ?!

2) 30 Day Title Defense Rule- IMG_0371This seems to no longer exists because I can’t remember the last time it was put into effect, I mean Brock Lesnar won the belt and disappeared for months at a time, due to WWE’S latest fetish of Part Timers, A.K.A The Rock, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, RVD etc because lord knows why you’d only put your number 1 belt on someone who turns up every week to wrestle! Another example is Daniel Bryan…shudder, can we just keep belts off this guy, he’s bad luck, despite his popularity, the last 2 years have been cringe worthy because of him, WM30 and WM31, he won good belts but had to give them up because of injuries but both were after 30 days…because WWE prayed that he wasn’t as hurt as it appeared he would be, meaning that WWE may as well not have rules, they just do what they want anyway, I mean how else has John Cena become a 15 time World Champion! And The Bellas….that’s just sticking their middle finger up at us…BRIE MODE!! get me ear plugs, please!

3) Former Champion is Number One contender…or are they?

Randy-OrtonRemember Randy Orton losing to Daniel Bryan at WM30? wasn’t that a great rematch they had at Extreme Rules….wait, what? Randy didn’t Daniel??? Kane did…why? well how about Payback? No…their wasn’t even a title match? what nonsense is this? he never got his one on one rematch?? how and why not? it’s in a contract that the former champion gets a rematch for the belt that they lost but Randy never got his…no idea why, was it purely because Daniel Bryan got injured? Then why didn’t Randy just get a one on one match for the vacated championship at Money In The Bank…we didn’t really need that ladder match or if we did, why didn’t he just face John Cena at Summerslam or Battleground for it….oh wait, we had a fatal 4 way match at Battleground…for some reason…oh forget this!

4) Champions Advantage…

RAW_1058_Photo_070_originalA champion can simply be DQ in a match and retain his or her belt…no seriously, all they have to do is slap the ref, push him over or even hit their opponent with something and they retain but the other wrestler, if they do it…they win but don’t get the belt?! how have we not had a 5 or more year reign yet? if you didn’t give a crap, you could become the longest reigning champion ever…oh wait…it’s fake so yeah…at least Cena hasn’t had a decade long reign! so let’s be thankful for that at least

5) Looks Over Brawn 

Divas_S3b_TVE_2560x1450_1280x725_383230019658The Divas seem to be more about looks over actually being able to wrestle….no wonder we don’t watch, well most  of us anyway, especially in recent years, with stars like the Bellas, Naomi and pretty much anyone who hasn’t been A.J Lee, Paige or Natayla then it has been a train wreck, a disaster beyond repair yet…Vince McMahon thinks it’s successful…I’d love to know what this man takes and get some because it must really make you delusional to the obvious that the Bellas are pure poison to the Divas Division, mainly because they care only about themselves! they can’t wrestle well, act at all…we all remember the horrible Brie vs Nikki feud…no wonder they ended it without reason, it was that bad! horrible, never do it again! in fact get the belt off Nikki and give it to either Paige or Charlotte or any of the NXT Divas…please! remember that Lita and Trish Stratus wrestled Chris Jericho and Christian! and Maria had to get destroyed by Umaga, take a Samoan drop and have Umaga crush her head in the corner of the ring! recently we’ve had to suffer with Eve Torres’s screaming as Zack Ryder struggles to fix a Car Tyre before Kane chokeslammed him onto a mattress and Brie Bella….pretty much exist, horrible voice, BRIE MODE! it always made me laugh how barely anyone cheered whenever she said that during a match, I bet she thought she was going to become the next big thing…because she was Daniel Bryan’s wife…ha! horrible wrestling at Summerslam, only ever got a decent cheer when she did Daniel Bryan’s Yes chant and the worst thing ever….BRIE MODE! I bet she always felt stupid doing it…I would, it’s the worst thing to happen to a Diva ever! and their bullies…you know in that company that campaigns against bullying yet let these 2 wannabee wrestlers bully the other divas and such…yeah, that company. bellatwins_original

WWE can be weird!

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