It’s always been difficult, life that is…I don’t really recall ever laying back and saying I can truly relax…It’d be nice if I was given that opportunity and you would imagine that night time would be the perfect time to relax and get a good nights sleep, right? well when you have an over imaginative mind like mine, you can create so many scenarios in your head that you can struggle to get some well deserved sleep sometimes

I’m not the biggest fan of the dark, I’ll admit that yet I can’t sleep with any kind of light on…oh the irony so I have to be somewhat afraid before going to sleep at night. Lately I have moved house and this one is taking some getting used to because it’s more nosier than my other one…especially at night time, the floor boards creek and when it’s windy, you can hear it whistle by the side of the house and the pipes shake and rattle…all of that with the darkness can make it hard to sleep, especially with me and my imagination…why oh why do I watch mystery documentaries before going to bed on most nights, I’ll never know! I recently watched one based on a German Murder Mystery about Hinterkaifeck a story where a family is murdered from the shadows, a mysterious individual arrives unnoticed onto their farm and butchers the entire family to death in one night, they were never captured but the mere thought of a person being able to sneak onto a farm which has workers on it, undetected and be able to do all that without being seen once scares the hell out of me! countless sleepless nights because of that story, amongst others really.

Have you ever gone for a stroll in the woods at the midst of nighttime, I have and you always get the feeling that your being followed, even though 9/10 times, no one else is about but you can’t help it, it’s way to quiet even if it is almost midnight, it’s pitch dark and all you can hear is the owls hooting, the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet and the odd animal noise from afar yet you still feel that with every step you take, someone is close by watching you, waiting to strike and end you. I once lived near an abandoned mental asylum and it had some woods around it, I would often go for walks in them…even at night time sometimes…no idea why, I just did but it always terrified me especially when their was a path that had no lights down it and it was pitch dark but I’d walk down them anyway…terrified…maybe I like to overcome my fears or something.


  1. I know the feeling. When it’s dark, I sometimes see shadows out of the corner of my eye, and there’s a portrait of some random girl in our living room that creeps me out. But once I’m in bed, I feel fine, cuz I can close my eyes to sleep. 😛

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