Mr RVP is leaving Old Trafford after 3 seasons for Turkey and Fernerbache and as an Arsenal Fan, I thought I’d write something about it because it feels like an end to a closing chapter for an Arsenal Fan who has dealt with betrayal, abandonment and hope because the funny thing is, as much as it hurt to have Van Persie leave Arsenal…we actually got better once he had gone!

You left Arsenal to win the Premier League and the minute you left…we won 3 trophies!  FA Cup Twice and the Community Shield! signed Ozil, Sanchez and Cech you won 1, the Premier League, your last hurrah wasn’t it! then you finished 7th and 4th, lost to Yeovil, Swansea multiple times and Sunderland and had Falcao preferred over you! then the little boy in you decided that Manchester United wasn’t for you any more and that you wanted to go abroad and play in the Turkish League, fair enough….but was that one league medal worth all of that in the end? in my books, going to a club just to win the league is an easy way out in my opinion, wouldn’t it have meant so much more to stay where you were and win it with Arsenal? it would have been remembered in time so much more! Steven Gerrard never lifted the Premier League trophy in his legendary career but he never once left to go to a team with a better chance of doing so, he would have preferred to win it with Liverpool and he almost did it! I respect the hell out of him because of that! it’s called loyalty Mr Van Persie! 2 out of those 3 seasons you were at Man U, Arsenal finished higher than you and we deserved it because we worked hard to prove the doubters wrong by building up a team that’s ready to try to win the Premier League this season. We proved you wrong because you said we couldn’t win trophies yet we’ve won 3 recently and you’ve been warming the subs bench

I can understand why you did it, doesn’t mean I like it though…especially when you made it out for so long that you loved Arsenal and were a Gunner! you just don’t join a main rival, even for a Premier League…Liverpool didn’t let Suarez come to Arsenal and Mourinho, if he had his way would have never let Cech be a Gunner!

Funny thing is, even if Spurs, our main rival ever won the Premier League with a team that has spent time together like Harry Kane, Eriksen, Lloris and such then I’d congratulate them because they would have earned it by sticking with their club but not a player that just joined just so he could win a medal a bit easier, not leaving say Arsenal, Spurs or Liverpool to join Chelsea or Man City just to win the league, Ryan Giggs never did that! Dennis Bergkamp, Frank Lampard joined Chelsea long before they won the league, legends who will be remembered always.

So enjoy your medal, you did earn it…your a great striker, I just thought you had a bit more confidence in being a leader rather than taking the easier way out

Funny thing is, now you feel betrayed by Man United now, oh do you really?

One word Mr Van Persie on that


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