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Welcome to Sword Art Online, an Anime based on a Virtual Reality where players enter a world full of fantasy, adventures, rare items, monsters and other people that they can base relationships on, marry and forget about the real world….even though in 2015, we still don’t have an Elder Scrolls Virtual Reality game yet!

Kirito gets trapped in the virtual world with thousands of other players who thoughtthe-real-yolo-sao-lovers-will-understand_o_1527049 playing a game via a helmet was a good idea! Although when you think about it, wouldn’t a top company have looked over the game before releasing it to the world…even if it was being tested you’d have thought of having someone else look it over before releasing it to the general public, especially with a flaw like being trapped in the virtual world! But then again, it’s more real to life than we know…how many games have you played that had major glitches? You can die but if you do, you die in the real world as well…somehow yet in the 2nd world, you…can’t die anymore??? no wonder no one likes it, no sense or threat anymore is there?

Kirito is the hero and he… happens to get all the rare items and happens to power up to an extremely high level rather quickly just because he’s a beta tester! what rubbish! no one wants to see someone have an unfair advantage until the end…heroes aren’t always meant to have that…it’s not like Goku was a Super Saiyan God from day one or Naruto was Hokage! So we don’t watch him go through power levels throughout time like Goku….see people, screaming does help a lot when your fighting packs of wolves and giant monsters!large

Kirito spends his time-saving many other players during his time…well some kill themselves but what ever, and along the way he meets Asuna, a sort of tsundere from a rich background and prepare for a romance shoved down your throat and poorly written when they fall in love with each other in a world record attempt after relaxing on a hillside…seriously, was that all it took? even though before they met, Asuna didn’t give a shit about dying at all, even though in the real world, she’s filthy rich….wow her life must have really sucked before hand but then again if you were to marry a weirdo who sniffed your hair as you slept in a coma then fine! lord help the girl if that happened in the real world, falling in love with a complete stranger just like that…oh wait, especially if you fall in love faster than Romeo and Juliet did…seriously, she falls head over heels for the guy in no time whatsoever, it makes Frieza’s 5 minute unitl Namek explodes look like a joke…then again every girl he meets pretty much does the same throughout….see people, girls will fall in love with you if your anti social…barely talk and look like a moody emo all the time….and Asuna starts off as a powerful and independent character only for that to wash away as she can’t do anything except cook without Kirito about?! WTF?


Kirito: Hi, my name’s Kirito and I’m paying attention to you

Asuna: Do you want to sniff my hair?

Kirito: No, I was going to ask if-

Asuna: Marry me and let’s make babies!


Kirito and Asuna get married in the virtual world and buy a house and have some little fairy thing as a…daughter…ok then? defeat the final boss who turns out to not be so bad….Kirito wakes up, weakened and skinny and recovers but Asuna doesn’t???  she’s fine! this guy just breaks rules, gets all the girls and has all the rare items…how can people relate to that? It’s what we all wish we could be, I’ll admit that but still…when you realise it’s a guy who reminds you of that quiet kid in the classroom who you’ve never spoken to ever doing all of that…ticks you off a bit.

HoneymoonSo Kirito goes into another world to save Asuna from a creepy dude who is meant to marry her???? and for some reason…get’s to keep his power from the last world….ok then because that’s fair….their he meets a character who is played by his adoptive sister….or cousin who likes him as well so this how kind of promotes…incest?? and rape, which I mean the weirdo who is meant to marry her??? what is this show, why was that 2nd part even needed anyway, so people would look past the bullshit of Kirito being sword-art-online_o_951131invincible? give us an evil villain who’s so creepy or something? so we had Kirito’s sort of sister introduced more into the anime? yet for a while he had no idea that she was playing such a game in the first place, even though her character is on a giant poster in her room! wow great brother and she still likes himtQp0G9F

Are they trying to make women appear needy in this Anime or what? they all want Kirito and can’t do anything in the games without him around! speaking of the games, how did a second game even get the go ahead when so many people were in comas because of the first game? who asked for an Elf MMO anyway? Kirito_and_Leafa_H-F

                       God Help Us All!

So it’s pretty much about this couple Kirito and Asuna  going through adventures in a virtual world, saving unreal people…were those orphans real people or were they just programs….if the latter, why did they put so much effort into saving them from the army and if they were real, how did they get into the game??? is this real? I mean it’s a virtual world after all….so everything they’ve done like get married….have sex…it think…does it even count? and why can Kirito and Asuna get married so fast in the Virtual World but pretty much do next to nothing in the real world that even comes close to it? you were cool with it there, why not here? you see what happens when parents aren’t around watching you, they run off and marry random, desperate strangers in virtual worlds? Kirito slowly making friends yet their all treated like outcasts in the real world and placed into a school to overcome their time in the virtual world…..so look out Occulus Rift if you ever have a meltdown.

Sword Art Online…should be renamed Kirito’s Sword Online….get it

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