Well the news we were all expecting to happen has happened, after months of speculation, Raheem Sterling looks set to finally leave Liverpool FC to Manchester City in a deal worth at least 49 Million Pounds, even though Liverpool wanted 50 Million! I wonder what happened to the last Million Quid? What, did City bid 49 Million and…1 Pound 😛 Sterling will now not travel with Liverpool to Thailand and stay in England to finalize the deal with City.

The kid is good, don’t get me wrong but 49 Million was once able to buy Zidane! Sterling is no Zidane…or Bale for that rate! it seems that Liverpool are definitely the winners here, unless Sterling is somehow responsible for City winning the Premier League and Champions League this coming season…very unlikely but never say never!

49 Million Quid??? Are you having a laugh, no way he is worth that much money as of right now, what a massive gamble Manchester City are making with this deal! he could prove to be a flop for all they know, he’ll make a fortune and might be crap…we all know that Chelsea learnt the hard way when they paid 50 Million for Fernando Torres but at least Liverpool can finally put that bad memory to rest once and for all yet when you think of it, they have sort of become a selling club now, only difference seems to be that the players they sell become crap at the next club, is Sterling set to follow suite?

I bet Liverpool are laughing right now as they have quite a fortune which they can spend on improving the squad, after already landing Milner, Ings and Firmino so I’m sure fans will be praying that the club gets it right this transfer window and uses the money wisely so they can challenge for Top 4 and beyond once again, although it’ll be tough to get City, Chelsea, Arsenal or Man U away from their, no matter what you spend.  It appears that many fans aren’t that fussed that he is going, perhaps many are even celebrating that  a player that wants nothing to do with the club is leaving and they’ll likely be praying that his career is terrible as a sense of justification for the way he has shown a lack of respect for Liverpool this year. Only time will tell what has really happened behind closed doors with Raheem Sterling and how this all came about but either Liverpool are geniuses when it comes to getting high prices for players or Man City just have way too much money to throw around, buying expensive English Players…I’ll tell you one thing, Ian Wright cost nowhere near that much and he’s an Arsenal Legend! will Sterling be a legend or a forgotten, expensive memory 30 Years from now?!

And what about City? they look to have gotten the man but what a risk it is, about 50 Million on one man and if it all goes wrong, they will look like fools and what for Sterling if that happens? two clubs that he’s screwed up at?! He had it at Liverpool and gave that up for wages and glory and if he can’t handle the pressure at City…what then? this has to be a successful move for him or he will not get to the heights that he so desires, the pressure is on him, at the age of 21 and only time will tell if Sterling will be a Hero or just another Overrated Zero.

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