Well haven’t Manchester United been busy recently, with three fantastic signings and the loss of a striker, Robin Van Persie to Turkish Club Fernebache, it cannot be said that Man U have not been busy in an attempt to bolster their squad for the upcoming season which is a desperate need for the ‘Red Devils’ who in the last two seasons have finished in 7th and 4th which has been unfamiliar territory for Man U for a very long time. Can fans go a 3rd season without any serious trophies to speak off or will their last memory of glory be David Moyes winning the Community Shield.

Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich has agreed a 3 yr contract in a deal worth around 14 Million  and Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton has agreed a 4 yr contract in a deal worth reported to be about 25 Million pounds and that’s still less than Man City paid for Raheem Sterling which was 49 Million Pounds so I think Man U have done really well with these two transfers but are they now ready to challenge for the Premier League Title next season? My opinion is no but they are not far off because I now think they need to bring in a world-class striker to replace RVP as Depay might not be enough, not if you want to challenge Chelsea, City and even Arsenal for the top spot because the ways things are as of right now, United only have 2 strikers, Rooney and youngster James Wilson and you can’t expect The Midfield to do everything so I expect to be hearing about a transfer involving a couple of strikers at least to the club, it’s badly needed in case of injuries for example and it’s not like Man U can’t afford it or anything…I just don’t see a squad without any sufficient strikers winning the league is all, I mean it takes one bad tackle and Rooney is out for a while and then what? Fellani up front with Depay or Wilson? but I doubt Van Gaal is daft enough to not sign another striker before the season kicks off.

Only Time Will Tell.

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