I have started a new group on Facebook and I have called it, Autism And The World it’s just a little place where anyone with Autism can feel welcome and talk about just about anything, mainly autistic related but I won’t get mad if people every now and then talk about something else as well but remember that it is a group about Autism so let’s keep it that way

I think it’s cool that all over the world you have people with Autism and I one day realised that I don’t know that many people with Aspergers actually which annoyed me a little bit so I thought, why not make a group, sounds like fun!

A group where people with Autism/Aspergers can talk about anything Autism related, make new friends and feel relaxed and happy here. People all over the world have Autism and I think it would be really cool to get to know people from all over with it, share experiences and help each other through hard times

You are allowed to post things on here if you wish, blogs, questions, videos, whatever…you do not need permission!! HOWEVER if it is deemed inappropriate or if anyone complains about it to me, I shall review and decide whether it should be kept on or removed

I want this to be a Positive group, I don’t want any kind of bullying to go on here, I want all to feel comfortable and welcome here, we are all mature enough or I hope we are

You are free to Add anyone if you wish to, the more the merrier I say!

Have Fun and Welcome

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