If you watched WWE Raw this coming week, you will have seen Kane’s ankle being broken by Brock Lesnar, meaning that Kane will be out for a while but afterwards, you will have seen Seth Rollins pretty much degrade the Devils Favorite Demon by calling him a ‘Wannabee Hall of Famer’ and that his career has been a big disappointment which is untrue because Kane has had a great career, he’s never been selfish and has always had the best interests of the WWE, and you can’t say that about a lot of wrestlers. Seth Rollins ended the relationship and It’s unlikely that Kane and Seth Rollins will ever be side by side again.

Ok, so he hasn’t always been the Big Red Machine lately, he hasn’t always been able to wear the mask due to breathing problems which is understandable….we can’t force him to be that uncomfortable week in and week out! he has been very lucky to get as injured as other wrestlers in the past have and that’s why he’s still frequent on TV. He’s won the WWE Championship and WHC, A Intercontinental Champion, Multiple Tag Team Champion, Money In The Bank Winner, ECW Champion, Record for most Royal Rumble Eliminations, the list goes on….

How is that a bad career?

Let me list for you many WWE Hall of Famers that never won the World Championship in their careers

  • Rowdy Roddy Pipper
  • Arn Anderson
  • Ted Di Biase
  • British Bulldog
  • Honkey Tonk Man
  • Jake The Snake Roberts
  • Paul Orndorff
  • Razor Ramon

All stars that never held a World Championship yet get no grief for it but many look at Kane and complain, even though he’s done it twice?! amazingly, he still has plenty left in the tank and the question now is, what will happen once Kane comes back. I have it down to two scenarios that are likely to happen.

1) He is still Director of Operations

kaneWith WWE, they often go against what fans actually expect and we have been asking for Masked Kane to come back for a few months now and I’m quite surprised that it hasn’t happened yet, however I wouldn’t be shocked if for some reason, when he does make his comeback…he is still in the suit and tie and is the Director of Operations in a quest to get his revenge on Seth Rollins and maybe even Brock Lesnar

2) Masked Kane Returns For Vengeance

  • 12rumble14Let’s go past WWE Background and imagine that Brock Lesnar has won the WWE Championship and at Summerslam, Seth Rollins has his rematch and before the conclusion, Pyro goes off, the lights go out and we hear that organ theme play and stood at the top of the ramp is the Big Red Machine, Kane who storms down to the ring and destroys Lesnar and Rollins with chokeslam’s, leaving a devastating mark that we will always remember.
  • Or If he’s out for a little longer, he returns the night after Night of Champions and sets up a Championship match at Hell In A Cell- I’d love The Beast Vs The Monster inside Hell In A Cell or even a Triple Threat! Kane finally getting revenge on Seth Rollins in some fashion, regardless I want Kane’s return to be him standing tall and being that monster that we all love to see, the mystery, Pyro, the epic promos! The Destruction, That is Kane!

What will actually happen, remains to be seen but it will be interesting


  1. Just read a rumor that the Deadman may show up at Battleground. That could really shake some things up…make for an interesting story. They have been bringing The Undertaker up lately…so my fingers are def crossed!

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