Well wasn’t last nights Raw…interesting….The Divas probably got more cheers in that famous segment than at any time in the Divas History after the change from The Women’s Championship to the Divas Championship. The ever so boring Bella Twins come out, spout a bunch of nonsense that no one could care about, probably because most fans decided to go to the toilet when they saw the Bellas come down to the ring….I don’t blame them, they are boring as ever and so full of themselves, its unreal but alas we the fans were actually saved this week as Stephanie McMahon decided to shake things up a bit by bringing out Paige who the Bellas asked why when she had failed time and time again but no one really took interest in what they had to say…they never do or say anything to make people care, they are talentless bimbos who rely on their looks only! their I said it!  then we get to be introduced to NXT Diva Becky Lynch, followed by a Diva who was breed for the WWE, Charlotte!!! Awesome and I hope she wins the championship soon and we get Paige vs Charlotte at Wrestlemania!

Next Naomi and Tamina come out and they actually made a good point as the third party in all of this and they even got a new partner, NXT Diva Sasha Banks! ,The Boss! what an earth shattering change to the Divas Division but whether this changes much to the Divas Division remains to be seen, will it see itself through or will this be dropped after a month or so for what ever weird reason WWE can come up??? Personally the Bellas holding the belt is killing the Divas Division because no one is that interested in them, riding the coattails of their husbands John Cena and Daniel Bryan is just horrible, without those two, the Bellas wouldn’t be anywhere near that championship! FACT!

Don’t screw this up WWE!

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