Arsenal have been through quite a roller coaster ride in the last decade, ever since 2004 when they became the ‘Invincibles’ and in 2005 they won the F.A Cup then after the completion of The Emirates, the club went into a nine-year drought where they moved away from the top of the mountain and found a new home in a place called ‘4th’ one that the world would call Arsenal’s home and for the past decade, it pretty much has been familiar territory for a Gooner! they finished 3rd this season which might not be much of an improvement for some but automatically in the Group Stages of the Champions League and 2 F.A Cup wins in a row show a sign that Arsenal have slightly moved a bit more forward towards their former glory.

However one thing that may or not have changed with Arsenal is their transfer policy. They have been known for quite a while now as a ‘Seller’ club as in they often sell the best players at their club for some strange reason, here is a list of many players we have sold in the past many years, some recent, a couple a while back.

  • Gael Clichy (To Manchester City)- Great left back and I never understood this sale really, still don’t
  • Samir Nasri (To Manchester City) Loved him when he played for us but he wanted tittles so moved to another team, got used to warming the bench but has a Winners Medal…hope it was worth it but I still wished we had kept him a little longer
  • Robin Van Persie (To Manchester United) Not even talking about this one!
  • Bacary Sagna (To Manchester City)- Ok, so his contract had ended and he had stayed until the end of it but he could have signed a new one but clearly a new challenge was on his mind but so far apart from wages, it hasn’t worked out…hope the bench is comfy for him.
  • Alex Song (To Barcelona)- Why did he leave? Did he think he could get a 1st team place all the time at Barcelona?! Yeah, move over Xavi…here come’s Alex Song! Mostly a Bench Warmer then went on loan to West Ham before moving permanently…could have been big at Arsenal and actually felt like he played a big part in winning 2 F.A Cups! Oh well… 
  • Ashley Cole (To Chelsea)- Arrogant but good, I actually didn’t care that he left, his mark on Football is a bad one and I’m glad he isn’t associated with Arsenal anymore
  • Alexander Hleb  (To Barcelona)- I really liked this guy and was upset when we sold him, he was really good for the club and it was a shame when we lost him but I wasn’t mad at him for going, how could I be!
  • Cesc Fabregas (To Barcelona) Do I need to say it…This one hurt alot…still haven’t fully got over it….don’t think I ever will, he is a apart of our past…even if he does play for Chelsea now?! WE MADE HIM GOOD!
  • Robert Pires (To Villarreal) He had played his part and became a legend, Another I was sad to go but understood why he did! great player and hope we have more like him in the future
  • Gilberto Silva (To Panathinaikos) May have been nearing the end when he left us but I thought he still had something left to offer the club but oh well…He was great.
  • Marc Overmars (To Barcelona) Why did we sell him, he was fantastic and our best player at one time, in his prime and we…sold him….not really any good reason why we did either…his career dipped after he left us as well….shame, he was my favorite before Bergkamp 
  • Thierry Henry (To Barcelona) The King, a legend forever at Arsenal…won all but one trophy with us, the Champions League and we let him leave so he could win it…I understood but was still sad but privileged to have seen him play, truly one of the very best to ever grace a football pitch!
  • Patrick Vieira (To Juventus) This sale affected Arsenal the most! He has never been replaced and maybe it’s a player like him that we need to finally get us back to the top of the mountain! The General, the best captain Arsenal ever had and maybe ever will.

In my opinion, all players that we didn’t need to sell at the time that we did, and you may have noticed one player on my list that should be there and isn’t…well that’s because his career became a joke after he left Arsenal…All he ever won was the Copa Del Ray…when he was on loan! but in Arsene Wenger’s Words, we are no longer a selling club but one thing sprung into my mind when I read that article, Are we a Buying one now then? That would be good because when you are an Arsenal Fan and you watch Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Man U splash the cash every transfer window…you get jealous….Chelsea bought great players in all areas last season and WON the league. City the season before! Man U are always buying half a squad nowadays and Liverpool….well not everyone gets the transfer game right!

I think Arsenal needs to buy a few players and it’s for one very important reason, one that has haunted every Arsenal fan for years now


So many injuries and not enough cover, our title challenges blown away by them every year so maybe a couple of players to fill the inevitable voids would be good but Wenger is never one to buy for the sake of it…unless the fans really give him some stick, like this one!

I want Pedro, I want Benzema! And I want Carvalho to join Cech and lead the squad to the Premier League and a new defender as well, I think that’s all we need and we can challenge, Arsene…surprise us and the league for once by buying decent players because we all know the injuries are going to come!!

Let’s be a buying club, not a doing nothing club!!! time to turn full circle and get the league!

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