Sanchez and Ozil, two very big signings that Arsenal have made in recent years but when you look at the kind of players that Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United bring in year in and year out, one might ask the question of, Why don’t Arsenal?

If you are a Gooner then the Transfer Windows can be ones full of hype and expectation….only for them to be mostly dashed when Arsene Wenger says he’s not really looking for anyone to buy, even though everyone else are strengthening their squads all the time and don’t get me wrong, he does buy…reluctantly if you ask me, it only feels like he buys when fans put a tad bit of pressure on him to do so! if us fans didn’t rattle his cage and boo him in public train stations and online…would he have wanted to buy Ozil? Sanchez? Mertesacker? Cazorla even??? Who knows but when you turn down the chance to sign back Fabregas from Barcelona and say no…you question it…I mean, why did we say no to a player and let him go to CHELSEA where he helped them win the league?! I’ve heard fans say that we didn’t need him…yeah…we don’t need a player that is great when it comes to assists….HE GOT 19….OZIL GOT 5! it seems insane to me that we would gift wrap him to Chelsea…of all teams!

We are linked with players all the time and during the summer, Arsenal fans hear all about Vidal, Benzema, Carvalho, Draxler etc yet chances are they will sign some 16 yr old kid that they’ve never heard off…ok so they bought Cech from Chelsea this year which is strange that WE bought a player from a rival, rather than the opposite for a change and we are apparently no longer ‘A Selling club’ but does that mean that we will buy players as well….I mean the stadium is payed off now…so what’s the excuse now….Oh wait…Wenger says he looks for players but only those special ones that will fit into the team…so Benzema isn’t better than Giroud??? Our midfield is good, I can’t deny that…keep a hold of Ramsey, Wilshire, Coquelin etc really good midfield….maybe the defense could strengthen a bit more and such but Arsenal’s problems lie in INJURIES! we need decent back up for the squad but how can you convince a good player to agree to that…competition is good but I doubt anyone like Carvalho would sit on the bench!

Oh Well, Gooners can dream!!!

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