RAW_1149_Photo_047-275824723It has been reported that Ryback, the Intercontinental Champion has injured his right knee and will now not defend his championship at WWE Battleground this Sunday night, meaning that we have had to put up with Miz for nothing this month…..because seriously…he’s been more annoying than usual, so will we just get Big Show vs Miz now??? sounds great, right?

WWE Reported the issue as:

“Earlier this week on Raw, Intercontinental Champion Ryback sustained a right knee injury that will prevent him from competing and defending his title this weekend at WWE Battleground”.

The question now is…Is the Intercontinental Championship cursed???? Daniel Bryan was injured, Luke Harper has vanished off TV…unless you watch Main Event, Wade Barrett lost match after match…basically who ever holds the belt seems to either get injured or not be used in the proper manner….The United States Championship is more important now!!! I never thought I would be saying that but…it is now, it gets more coverage and the better matches so…how many actually care that this match between Miz, Big show and Ryback is cancelled….I’m a little ticked but it’s not a massive loss…anything that the Miz is in but is then cancelled is a blessing in my eyes…either that or anything with the Bella Twins in is cancelled as well…win for true fans!

I feel for Ryback though and maybe even Big Show….not Miz though…he can go!

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