Ok, I’ll say it…Arsenal need to buy players and we need them soon! Even The King Thierry Henry thinks we need 4 players to be able to challenge Chelsea for the Title and I agree! however when I wake up this morning, I grab the newspaper and see on the back, ARSENAL PLAN 40 MILLION POUND BIB FOR BENZEMA and I think Awesome! but then I get online and see on Sky Sports that…IT’S JUST A RUMOR! and I’m pissed about that! why are we not bidding for a striker that Real Madrid want to offload?!!! it makes no sense, he’s french, he’s good and I’d prefer him over Giroud anyday but we don’t need him?? I THINK WE BLOODY DO! READ HERE No Benzema Bid

This is why Transfer windows are so frustrating if you’re an Arsenal Fan, we’re linked with a really good player…one that can make us better and challenge for the League Tittle and maybe get us further in the Champions League (One can dream) but to always read Mr Wenger say…It’s a rumor, we are looking but only players that can improve the squad will be brought in?! How will Benzema not improve the squad?! He’s even played with Ozil before! they know each other, he could help bring the best out of him..Imagine….Cazorla passes to Ozil who passes it to Sanchez or Benzema who belts it in, GOAL! Amazing!

I don’t want to keep reading Wenger not look intrested in bringing in anyone else when so many people WANT HIM TOO! and yes I’ve read comments of some Arsenal fans thinking that Cech is enough…Well I don’t think so! Not alone anyway…we have a great squad, don’t get me wrong but Chelsea, City…it won’t be the same squads this time around…they will be stronger and I doubt Cech can score goals, he’ll save us a few points, no doubt but is that enough to win the league? NO! I want a STRIKER, not someone who plays on the wing to rely on to score goals, I mean what if Sanchez get’s injured?? Then what? I’ve had too many seasons where we’ve had to rely on Giroud and many of them have been big disappointments, I could rely on Henry, I could rely on Bergkamp, Wiltord, Kanu, RVP but Giroud is hit and miss at the moment, some games…brilliant…others, terrible! I don’t want that again if we seriously want to challenge for the tittle!

The only saving grace would be if Walcott played upfront because I can rely on him…I just think it’d be nice if we showed the league that we mean buisness and buying Benzema would show that, either him or  Alexandre Lacazette would be great! I’m so happy that Cech is an Arsenal player…but it’s not wrong to want a bit more as well, especially when we HAVE THE MONEY!

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