Fabian Delph seemingly has gone back on his word and is now having a medical to sign for Manchester City, The Fabian Delph U-Turn is only a week after he said he was not going to sign for them and stay at Aston Villa. People praised this man for having the guts to say NO to a big club when they came a knocking on Villa’s Door to raid them, I mean Delph staying made sense because he would clearly get more play time with Villa than City, the chances are he would be a bench warmer at City…we all know the story with Jack Rodwell, Scott Sinclair etc Yet now he’s done a U-Turn and now apparently is having a medical as we speak…of course when you read this he might be a City Player by now but what a shocker…I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this….why the sudden change of heart??? And what will Villa fans think of this sudden change, will they feel betrayed by Delph after he said he was staying, only to change his mind a week later??? If I were an Aston Villa fan, I’d be annoyed and angry because I would have been under the impression that he was staying and with Benteke likely to go in the next day or so, would have had some comfort that we were able to hang onto Delph but now they are about to lose BOTH players! was it Liverpool activating Benteke’s release fee that changed his mind?? What happened to loyalty Delph…especially after you already said you’d stay…surely you knew someone would buy Benteke when you said No to City…come on now! And who are they going to bring in to fill the gap??? Adebayor?! WHY HIM? I would not want him at my club and yes I’m an Arsenal fan saying this…the word loyalty doesn’t exist with this player…Spurs fans boo him when he plays! he left us for City and that only worked out for so long before they got rid…I wouldn’t be excited by the news to be honest….when I heard that he would stay, I was happy because I thought.

‘Their is a footballer that puts loyalty ahead of money and trophies at big clubs’ of course I was wrong…Of course City, Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal will be the favorites and people will want to play for them, it’s natural but I don’t know…a part of me doesn’t like how a player will join a big club for the sake of winning a trophy…even if it means they spend most of a season on a bench to do it…just sounds cheap to me…who knows what Delph’s reason is for this but I’m sure we will all find out because hey…who doesn’t want to warm City’s bench week in and week out instead of playing for Swansea, Aston Villa or Sunderland…rather earn a massive wage week in and week out.

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