Ok, so many people may not class it as a proper trophy but hey, don’t take any of the thunder away from this win against Everton 3-1 in Singapore with Walcott, Cazorla and Ozil being the goalscorers for the Gunners and Ross Barkley providing the only consolation for the Toffees, the final score being Arsenal 3- Everton 1 and as well, Petr Cech also made his anticipated debut in goal for the Gunners and he was great, I truly believe that with another 2 signings that Arsenal can put together a realistic tittle challenge to Chelsea and Manchester City this coming season as were looked really good today but as we all know, it means nothing to play well pre season if you turn bad during the actually season. But until then, it was great to see the new home kit being worn today, looks really good and I can’t decide which to get, home or away?

A great way to prepare for the Premier League I think, a good win over a tough team, great day for Arsenal but let’s hope we bring a couple of new faces in before the Transfer Window closes and maybe avoid injuries to our star players then who knows…never say never though and don’t count Arsenal out of the run for the Tittle.

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