I can just imagine myself in Euro Disney Land Paris next month, I can’t wait to go but If I were to come across Mickey Mouse, I could just imagine how the conversation would go down.

Mickey: Hi there, you having a good time?
Me: Hi there Mickey, I love your theme park
Mickey: You spending lots of Money? Go buy a bottle of water for 20 Euros! Haha
Me: Actually, I haven’t spent any money at all
Mickey: What?! You haven’t spent any at all??
Me: No, I ate before I came here
Mickey: What are you doing here you miserable bastard! Go buy something expensive immediately
Me: Buy something?
Mickey: Yeah, how do you think I’m going to afford all my expensive shit unless you buy my overpriced merchandise and food!
Mickey: GO! buy a bottle of water right now!
Me: How much are they?
Mickey: 20 Euros
Me: 20 Euros? For water?!
Mickey:Yeah, how else do you think run this whole operation? Get out of my sight now you miserable shit
(I walk away feeling sad)
Mickey: And buy an overpriced stuffed animal immediately!

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