WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Seth Rollins (c) vs Brock Lesnar 

I don’t know why but with Summerslam coming up soon, it just doesn’t feel the right moment for Seth Rollins to lose his championship, that and they’ve made it look so unlikely that Lesnar will lose that I actually think that he will lose, whether it be by DQ or interference from HHH, Undertaker or someone else but for Lesnar to win now just doesn’t make sense to me, seems like something they would save for a big PPV, unless they have him face Undertaker at Summerslam, whether it would be for the championship is another matter but one question puts me off that…what about Seth’s rematch? If Lesnar wins, would he have it on an episode of Raw or something?

Seth won’t beat Lesnar one on one….that much is obvious, he’s a heel so he’ll act like he did on Raw the next night so it shall be interesting to see who helps Rollins escape Suplex City.

Winner: Brock Lesnar but Seth Rollins retains

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt


I like Roman Reigns, I did before Wrestlemania in a way, even though I felt he was shoved down our throats all the time but he’s grown on me and Bray Wyatt…I’m starting to go off him a bit because I feel as if WWE doesn’t know what to do with him and if he loses tonight then, is Wyatt to be taken that seriously anymore? think about it, he hasn’t won a single championship yet or has had a win at Wrestlemania, losing to John Cena and Undertaker, albeit it was an honor to face them both on the show whereas Roman Reigns has had a championship and won a Royal Rumble as well as main eventing a Wrestlemania.

Wyatt just seems to…talk all the time now, it’s getting sort of repetitive if you ask me, I’d rather see him wrestle a little bit more…I don’t know, win the Intercontinental Championship or something…we complained about Reigns being shoved to the main event scene without being built up so why not Wyatt? I wouldn’t mind him winning a belt, I don’t want him to take as long as it took Ryback to win one.

Wyatt needs the win more if you ask me but Roman Reigns should get his revenge over Wyatt tonight BUT On the last Raw, Reigns got one over Wyatt and they have a habit of having the wrestler getting one over on the show before the PPV is to lose so I won’t be shocked if Wyatt walks away with the win and Reigns gets a win at Summerslam.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

United States Championship

John Cena (c) vs Kevin Owens


The rubber match where 9/10 pundits put Kevin Owens as the clear winner in this match and….I will do the same because it looks as clear as day that Kevin Owens should win the championship, unless WWE does it’s usual thing and has Cena win the feud as usual, annoying the internet. However, no one thought Owens would beat Cena at Elimination Chamber so who knows, maybe Vince will let Owens win the United States Championship but if he did lose then no one should say that Cena didn’t put Owens over because these two work so well together. Two match of the year candidates and a possible 3rd on the way, it’s been a great rivalry that might even go into Summerslam but I will say a Kevin Owens win is on the card and a new champion.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Does anyone else care about the rest of the card???? Orton win, Prime Time Players retain and King Barrett to win.

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