Raheem Sterling just took 3 minutes to score his first goal for Manchester City as they faced Roma in the International Champions Cup however his first touch…didn’t go so well for him, probably one he will try to forget about quickly.

CKbhOQgWIAAIWtMHe tripped over the football and down onto the pitch before quickly getting up and continuing with the game as if nothing happened, going on to score his first goal but i’m sure that trip made each and every Liverpool fan have a big smile come across their face, it was pretty funny, just imagine if he does that against Liverpool at Anfield on the 21st of November…I’m sure every time he does something silly, they’ll let him know about it, not all but I’m sure many will, especially with the pressure on him to do well or make his incredibly high transfer be what it really is…a joke…49 million, Liverpool are geniuses for selling him for that much and Fernando Torres for 50 Million.

A good yet slightly embarrassing day for the City player, it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll be a flop or the next big thing.

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