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Well it is set, we will see Undertaker take on Brock Lesnar at Summerslam this year, a match where Taker will try to avenge his loss to Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30 where his 21-0 streak died at the hands of the Beast! it was a moment that shocked the WWE Universe, especially this guy


Many thought that would be the last time they would meet in the ring, mainly down to the belief that Undertaker only had one match left to go, i.e vs Sting but that looks like it will never happen which is a shame but what can you do? But how did we get all the way from that shocker of a match at Wrestlemania 30 to the rematch at Summerslam 2015?

This began at WWE Battleground, more than a year after Lesnar made history, when Brock Lesnar was facing Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship and had the match won after delivering an F-5 to Rollins and just as he went for the pin and end the miserable reign of the architect, the lights went out, the familiar gong  had rung and Undertaker had returned to WWE. The match was ruled out as Taker destroyed Lesnar and Rollins got away with the Championship but if you saw Lesnar and Taker stood face to face, you didn’t care until the next night, let the coward run!

”You can’t kill what won’t die!!!” Undertaker


The next night on Raw, Undertaker announced his intention to face Lesnar and redeem himself for the loss of his streak. The Authority attempted to keep Taker and Lesnar apart throughout the show which worked as well as keeping a Bear away from Salmon. For months now, we have heard Lesnar and Heyman brag about the streak but hey, who wouldn’t? you know you totally would do the same. HHH warned Paul Heyman to keep Brock Lesnar away from Raw which we all knew was never going to happen and…it didn’t as Lesnar confronted Taker in the ring  not so long after.

Via Youtube

RAW_1156_Photo_106-176482143The two legends ripped into each other and it took 20 security guards and most of the WWE locker room to separate the two which for most of the time, didn’t really work out so well, they kept breaking free and attacking the other one which as you’ll see in the video, was awesome! some people don’t want to see this match because of what happened the last time they fought but I can’t wait to see it, it looks set to be a classic if you ask me and surely Taker knows the risks, he wouldn’t be doing the match if he didn’t want to.

”I’m going to kill you!”- Brock Lesnar

‘Your going to have too!”- Undertaker

055_WM30_04062014cm_5443The banter between the two was great, especially Lesnar screaming how he was going to kill Taker, it made it that much more epic and with 5 weeks to go until Summerslam, I’m sure the rivalry will escalate and I hope that New York is ready for Lesnar vs Taker II it could be bigger than the last time, it has the right recipe to be so…I mean most people assumed Undertaker would win the last one and were shocked when he lost, now this time around, retribution is what it’s all about….Lesnar wants revenge for Taker costing him the WWE Championship and Taker wants revenge for Lesnar ending his undefeated streak…Lesnar hasn’t been pinned for 2.5 years! something’s got to give. This is going to be good.

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