Liverpool have now officially signed striker Christian Benteke from Aston Villa who have plenty to spend now after accepting a bid for £32.5 Million pounds…I know, I can’t believe it either, it is slowly becoming the summer of ridiculous transfer fees! I mean Sterling for £49 Million, Benteke for £32.5!! Chelsea want to bid £35 million for John Stones from Everton!!! what is going on here?! seems a little crazy to me. Aston Villa fans may not be so glum about this as they have brought players in and look like they bring more in, although they will miss Benteke…probably more than Fabian Delph who did a U-Turn to Join Manchester City

”Liverpool had enough to buy a Ferrari yet choose to purchase a Van”-Aston Villa Fan

With this done, it looks like Liverpool may be done for this transfer window and now the clear out should begin, starting with Lambert, Balotelli and possibly Borini as well. Christian Benteke is good, not quite Karim Benzema but I’d rely on him more than I would Balotelli right now, I mean Benteke is now the 2nd most expensive player that Liverpool have bought, is he really worth all of that money?? I’d say give him a chance and wait and see what happens before you judge this transfer…if he proves to be a flop after say a few months, fair enough but if he goes on and scores goals and helps Liverpool then I’d call that a success, not sure it’d be worth the amount of money…unless they win silverware this season or the next but hey…that’s just the way football is going now. Crazy amounts of money being spent, especially on English players it seems or if not then likely will be soon, if Chelsea can convince Everton to sell John Stones, then that would be over £80 million spent on English talent this summer! wow!

  • 2012/13- 19 goals
  • 2013/14- 10 goals
  • 2014/15- 13 goals

Total– 42 goals

What else will we see this transfer window, what other crazy transfer will go down and how many player will Stoke buy on Deadline day?!

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