I’ve heard it all in my day

People with Autism can’t

  • Find Love
  • Make Friends
  • Get Jobs
  • Be Normal

All wrong, we can and we do all the time, no idea where get these from but oh well, I found love but it wasn’t easy, it involved going to and from different people until I decided to give up, then I was discovered by the ‘one’ who is now my fiance and will be marrying me next year. Long gone was the bubble wrap that was their to protect me from the harshness that involved people’s lack of understanding of just what Autism was, I literally tore it off and threw it away.

It was a hard road, I had to continually listen to people tell me what I was allowed and not allowed to do because of my Autism, I was pulled from classes in school and made to look like a weirdo because I couldn’t be in a normal class…it was humiliating, I wasn’t even given much warning by the school, they just took me out of French, German and other classes and put me on some farming thing where every Tuesday I had to go to a college and learn about Agriculture, it’s like they thought it was the area I was going to go into or something…nice that no one asked me if it was what I wanted or anything but never mind that!

I leave school, spend five years at college not doing Agriculture!! I resat my GCSE’S and did Drama but along the way, I saw many girls that I liked but barely ever said anything, I think I was too shy or just assumed that I would have no chance in hell, my confidence was really low for a year or two after I left school, it was about 18-19 that it got better but it wouldn’t be until I was 20 that I would meet Emma for the first time ever, even though she was at college a year before we met.

At this stage in my life, no one cared about my Autism, it didn’t matter which was good, I could feel a bit more positive about myself more and more, although still to this day I have some ways to go before I all the way their or I think at least. The thing with falling in love at one stage was that if any girl paid me any sort of attention, I’d fall for them, obviously that’s not the case anymore but it was something I was aware of! when I met Emma, it was different because I had given up all hope of finding someone and thought I would be single all of my life yet when I saw Emma for the first time, I didn’t fall for her at first sight, she was just a mate and that’s what made the difference, we made a bond together over the space of three months and got to know each other, although it wasn’t me that told Emma that I had Autism, it was her best mate Kelly but Emma didn’t mind and that was a huge relief because for ages, I was so afraid to tell anyone because I thought they would change their opinion of me like my school did and everything would change, thankfully it didn’t and we agreed to go out with each other, proving to me that Autism didn’t limit me from anything if I didn’t allow it to anyway, I felt positive about it and it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything at all anymore!

We’ve had so many adventures together as a couple and traveled to quite a few places around the world with still some to come up soon, like France and Japan and Australia someday, it’s all so exciting and I feel like I’ve matured so much since the day I met her up to now, she changed my life for the better and I hope I have for her as well.

Here is where we’ve traveled abroad together so far.

  • Tenerife
  • Belgium
  • Holland
  • America
  • Italy

it’s all so exciting and I know we have many many many more years together, but oh my, I was my best achievement in life and it was a life changing one as well

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